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Thread: new calibre

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    new calibre

    iwas thinking of a new calibre at the moment i have on my cert 2x22lrs one 243win for deer,fox and 6.5x55 for deer and fox on my land it is classed for full bore.i was think of 7.62x39 in a cz for fox and munty ,does somebody have any idear on this calibre , just like the small carbine for woodland stalking on munty.

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    I recall an article several years ago in a magazine regarding a chap who had a CZ in this (7.62x39), he wanted a lightweight stalking rifle for woodland work.

    I think he successfully made the UK ME requirements, but it may be classed as a "marginal" calibre by some FEO's.

    Although Mr Kalashnikov may disagree from his grave

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    Why have so many guns that are so similar? If I was looking for a close range munty gun I'd get a .30-30 lever gun. It's different and works! Lever guns are tough to moderate which is the only down side.

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    new calibre

    its a bit different and i like the mauser action and i like the cz and because not alot of shooters have them .

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    Try the standard .308/7.62. I got myself a new rifle a couple of months ago same as yourself i prefer a shorter style of rifle so i got a Remington Model Seven it has a shorter stock,barrel and the reciever is shorter than the standard short action. Ok it,s a Remington but over the years i,ve had a Sauer and two Tikka,s good rifles but with the Remi there is a lot you can do to improve them,first thing i do is ajust the trigger pull if this does not suit there are a few aftermarket one,s eg Timmney or even better the Jewwel you can fit it yourself and free float the barrel once again do it yourself,i found these two things improved the accuracy no end clover leaf at 120m with 125gr Nos B/Tips and 155gr A-Max. I have two Model 7s a .223 and .308. I was thinking of having a go at pillar bedding them i got my .17Rem 700 done it,s very accurate bunny,s at 300yds. When the barrel goes on the .17 it will get a new barrel and the action trued i had that done to a .223 Remington PSS that rifle could shoot. Check out the Remington web site for all the info.PS I use PES Moderators on all my rifles good on the .308 for the recoil i also have a muzzel brake for it but that,s loud.

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    got rid of my CZ in 762x39 earlier this year. superb, reliable and fast handling rifle. one of the best I have owned, and reasonably priced (if you can find one)
    stick to 123/125gn home loads and you will keep on the right side of the law.
    as already stated, some firearms depts can be a bit dodgy on allowing it for deer (mine did) but if you do convince them, it is an excellent choice for woodland deer

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    new calibre

    can i ask why you got rid of your cz was it for any to do with the calibre ,and if poss what handloads were you using and what groups you were geting and ps thanks to everybody for your help its most wellcome.

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    Got rid of it as basically fancied a change.
    I used Lapua 123gn spitzer with 27gn Viht N120 which gave 3/4" groups at 100yds. I was happy enough with that from such a short barrel

    A 100gn bullet can get to the velocities required in Scotland as well as England

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    new calibre

    yep thats why i what one, i to fancy a change and its nice to be a little bit different sometimes.thanks for the infore, good shooting.

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