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Thread: Savage 7mm-08

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    Savage 7mm-08

    Savage 7mm-08 Weather Warrior 16fss.
    I have had this rifle for just over a year and am so pleased with this caliber I am having my dream gun built (hence sale).
    The first owner and myself have used it for hunting not range work hence shot count is only just over 500.
    The price includes a T8 moderator and a Muzzle brake which was machined specifically to follow the barrel contour. A sling and Slip.
    I have a Docter 8x56 IR scope with rings if needed, 500 or a cheaper scope with rings 150.
    the Kahles scope and rings shown in pics are not included

    The target pics are top: 140 gr at 100mtrs lower 100 at 100mtrs.

    595 for rifle, mod, muzzle brake,sling & slip, F2F or sent to your RFD.

    Also has 50 rounds of developed rounds of 175gr,140 gr. & 100gr. And cleaned brass.
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    If you're changing calibres and happen to have any unfired 7-08 cases, I'd be interested please.

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    Sorry Bud not changing caliber,
    I wouldn't Change gun either except the opportunity has come up to get one built.

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    No problems, it was worth a try! 7-08 seems to be a popular choice for custom rifles, a few of them have been popping up here of late.

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    I shall be at the shooting show at Stonleigh on the Saturday,if you want my rifle I can bring it with me.
    Cheers Steve.

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    Just out of interest, who supplied and fitted the muzzle brake? (I have two which look exactly the same. one on my 7mm08 the other on my .308)

    Yet another 7mm08 user....

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    Supplied machined and fitted by Norman Clark, with proofing circa 300. Ouch.

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    OK. Mine were supplied and fitted by Steve Kershaw from Goole. It was not nearly so painful!

    Yet another 7mm08 user....

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    Price drop on rifle only to 475.
    cheers Steve

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    Price drop on all 550. rifle only 450.

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