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Thread: Spare parts for cold rooms, hinges,handles etc

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    Spare parts for cold rooms, hinges,handles etc

    I recently bought some used cold room panels from a very nice man who has collected over the years lots of new and used bits and pieces for cold rooms and associated equipment.
    These include different types of handles and hinges.
    If you do need a hard to get spare or part of a hinge has broken and you don't want to replace all of it then it is worth seeing if he can help you out.
    He is happy to try to help out so PM me for his details.
    I'm not making anything out of it and he will charge very little plus postage and isn't running it as a business as such, so hopefully I haven't breached any forum rules. If I have I'm sure someone will let me know!
    Regards David

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    I just texted him to expect some calls and he has told me that is retiring soon so if you do want anything get in quick! PM me for his details.

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    I can verify this Guy has a Alladins cave full of stuff, He did even have walls so you can build your own cold room/store.
    DAW but me in touch with him and he is a good old boy to have a deal with.
    Cheers Steve

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    He has now retired and unit emptied

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