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Thread: My edition to an amazing swap hunt with Wildboar 1973.

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    My edition to an amazing swap hunt with Wildboar 1973.

    A driven hunt in Germany.
    I first read about this game management method some years ago in Robin Marshall - Balls book titled "The sporting rifle", ever since I was eager to experience this method of hunting. I mainly hunt alone and hunt different species in completely different environment so it was of great interest to see how and where a hunt like this would be undertaking.

    Attachment 37108 The area close to where Michael Lives.

    How did it happen? Well I met Wildboar 1973 on this site and we arranged a swap hunt. Michael my host and now a great friend came over to Ireland to hunt successfully for Sika last October and in return he kindly invited me to his home in Germany which he shares with his wonderful wife and children.

    Attachment 37109 Derek in the shooting cinema.

    First I want to thank Michael and his family for the hospitality that was bestowed on me. Michael is a gentleman, straight, courteous and a very knowledgeable hunter. He hunts in very game rich areas and the natural beauty is outstanding (you wouldn't like it).
    Attachment 37110 My stand.

    The trip was a dream. We went to the architecturally rich city of Cologne, we enjoyed the sights of the Cathedral and the medieval streets, we also visited the infamous German gun-shop Frankiona. We perused the shop for well over an hour and afterwards we eat like kings.

    Attachment 37111Attachment 37112Attachment 37113 The game parade and a hungry dog.

    As scheduled for pre - driven hunt training we went to a shooting cinema on the outskirts of Cologne. I would highly recommend one visiting a shooting cinema prior to going on a driven hunt. Judging lead isn't a natural ability that anyone is born with. My advice is too ensure that you enjoy your trip to the maximum give a shooting cinema serious consideration.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	GEDC0070.jpg 
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ID:	37114Attachment 37116A beater and My first roe and boar.

    The first driven hunt took place in Hessen a beautiful area of pastoral lands and rolling hills covered with deciduous woodland.
    Michael of course forever the gentleman translated the rules and regulations and conveying exactly what could be shot and what could not. After the briefing we were transported to the forest, shown to my stand and then within minutes you find yourself living what you have being anticipating for all these years.

    Attachment 37119 The boar and the blaser .308

    Its quite, there's a gentle breeze your looking for your safe shooting directions and then you hear bang bang bang in the distance hoping you turn into a magnet for game your tense and your excited and your trying to stand still. Five minutes seem like a hours. Everything looks like a boar. And then! Coming from the left side of my view is a boar on the run. I confirmed the sighting via my binoculars then a quick change to the rifle.
    I followed through and allowed for the lead and dropped the hammer and the result was a dead boar. The shot hit the boar at the base of the ear killing it insistently. Some twenty minutes later a Roe doe appeared! I allowed the doe to move gradually into position and then took a carefully placed shot killing the doe.
    I was in constant communication with Michael I informed him of my success and received my first Wadmannsheil. A memorable moment as it was my first boar to shot and better yet it was my first roe to shoot.
    Later we attended the game parade where all animals were carefully field dressed and weighed and blood samples taken.
    We toasted each others success.

    Attachment 37117 A view to a kill!

    The next day we attended another driven hunt in east Germany. Our hunting companion Derek had success using a borrowed 8x57 he shot two boar and a roe we were delighted.
    The trip was fantastic, an experience that will never be forgotten. I hunted two new species of game and established a great relationship with Michael.

    Attachment 37115 The hunting grounds.

    So sometime later reminiscing about this trip and finally keeping my word and doing this write up I remember the copious amount of alcohol the fun, the new people I met. The catalyst was hunting, its a passion and really an international language. If your going on a driven hunt some time in the future bring warm clothes, electronic ear defenders are a good idea and remember to pay for your fuel at the petrol station but even the police in Germany are good fun!

    Attachment 37118 Michael being arrested for forgetting to pay for fuel bold boy!.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Glendine View Post
    the police in Germany are good fun!
    Well there's a stereotype completely ruined for everyone.

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    Excellent write up. Congratulations on your successes.

    I find Continental authorities better fun than ours too... They seem to like hunting and hunters... Ours usually don't seem to... till you reach the North of Scotland...

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    I don't know about that Tamus, having walked through Paris in company of a friend who looked a bit North African, I'll take our police any day instead of their French counterparts...

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    Thanks my friend!
    It was a true pleasure to get you on some memoriable driven hunt days...
    I was very, very excited when I heard about your boar and roe, the first ones ever!
    A big Waidmannsheil again, and .... You will be back!!

    I will add some pics later on and also do a write up about last night...
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    great at write up mate.

    A nicer bloke you will ever meet!

    Some great photos and memories.

    As you say the cinema is a must when you go over.
    We didn't manage to get to frankonia as my flight was delayed and we had the 5hr drive ahead of us.

    Maybe next time



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    Well done guys! sounds like a splendid trip
    always nice to hunt a new species (or two)

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    Michael is 'the host'! Brings back fantastic memories of my trip out there a few years ago! Waiddmannsheil Glendine!

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PB010016-1.jpg 
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ID:	37220Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PB020026-1.jpg 
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ID:	37221
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Nice write up and congratulations, Michael I knew they would catch up with you eventually just surprised they let you go again

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