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Thread: Meindl Gastein GTX boots

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    Meindl Gastein GTX boots

    Anybody experience with Meindl Gastein GTX boots ?
    My job needs that I stand outside from 4.30 am to about 8.30 am . 99,9% of the time I can't walk around . When you don't move cold feet is a problem . So a good boot is vital . I also use my boots as stalking boots . For the moment I use Chevalier Ultimate boots , but they aren't warm enough and stay very stiff . When it's realy very cold I use Sorel Caribou boots . Warm but dangerous to use when you drive the car to get there .
    Years ago I considerded Meindl Spitsbergen boots , but they also are very stiff . These Gastein boots with 12mm ( 1/2 inch ) thick fur lining seem to have both confort and warmth while being not to high . Any experiences ?
    Any other recommandations ??

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    standing around from 4:30 till 8:30 you must work for the council digging up roads

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    Hales, bet your heads warm under that bearskin though happy christmas. sorry Hales, Adnams.

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    I just sell newspapers and magazines in a tunnel under a railwaystation.
    Only a roof over my head . I am standing on concrete and always some wind ( sometimes more than some ) . Once my kiosk is ready I stand on 2 square feet for about 4 hours . With this type of weather 7 layers of clothing . As boots Sorel Caribou when it's realy cold .

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