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Thread: remi 700 aftermarket bolt

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    remi 700 aftermarket bolt


    just looking at for having a plain badger style bolt knob fitted.. cheapest appears to be at dolphin for 60 supplied and fitted... anyone know of any better prices for a gunsmith to do it... or local to devonish?

    im not up for angle grinding and apoxying it on myself... fancy something a little better than that option



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    we charge the same and bolt is back by return of post. Everything single point cut un the lathe and indicated in to 0.001 .

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    Thanks for the reply.. I have heard some very good things about you guys from a friend on mine - Mr Powell who lives in my neck of the woods..

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    Please give Mike my warmest regards. He is an absolute gent .

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    Thanks john, will you do it for the same price?

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