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Thread: Schmidt & Bender 4-12x42 Klassic 30mm tube 4a (boxed and serviced S&B 12/13)

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    Schmidt & Bender 4-12x42 Klassic 30mm tube 4a (boxed and serviced S&B 12/13)

    S&B 4-12x42 Klassic 30mm tube 4a (boxed and just back from S&B)

    This is a older model but in excellent condition it is not covered in plastic bits like a lot of the newer models

    Few very slight marks on the outer tube but not scratched or crimped
    Lenses are perfect, clean and clear and scratch free
    Cleaned inside and out by S&B last month

    Received back from McLeods at Tain today who have just got it back from S&B where it received a full service, strip, clean and regrease following a reticule replacement where a new etched glass reticule was fitted at a cost of almost 300.
    The etched reticule is vastly superior to the wire one it replaced.
    It is boxed and comes with paperwork to verify this

    This scope is rare in that it is FIRST FOCAL PLANE - The reticule always covers the same percentage of the target area and is useful for range finding at ANY magnification -
    Read more:

    Retucle: 4A
    Tube: 30mm
    Objective: 42mm
    Mag: 4-12x

    The same scope with a Ballistic Turret sold on here recently for 725 -

    The only scope close to it that I can find on sale new is below at a RRP of 1300+


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    A smashing buy for someone bewsher, best of luck with the sale.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    forgot to mention I have a pair for Low 30mm Warne Mounts to go with this (still in packet!)

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    Price drop

    575 +P&P


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    back up for sale
    not left the box since the first ad

    new price

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