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Thread: Rifle for UK and further afield

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    Rifle for UK and further afield


    I'm relatively new to stalking and am seeking some advice on a which calibre to look for. Now before I get shouted at, I have looked at the other posts and I am in a seemingly relatively unique position as I will shortly be moving out to South Africa for a 2 / 3 year period so I need something that will also be suitable for plains game.

    Initially I was looking at a .270 or .308 (the latter being easier for me as I already shoot a lot of TR and have all the reloading kit etc) and dabbling with the idea of a 7mm08. However, having read the plains game posts on here and elsewhere it seems the recommendation is for 30-06 but this seems a little too much, certainly for the smaller species in the UK.

    Any suggestions? If at all possible I only want one rifle as Mrs E isn't hugely keen on filling up the cabinet (especially as she's got two rifles in there already!).

    Many thanks


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    in your position , 308 all the way. you are already familiar with it !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Nothing wrong with the .270 for your needs, 30-06 would probably suit better... 338 win mag would be quite nice too...Not too heavy for Muntys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackb View Post
    in your position , 308 all the way. you are already familiar with it !
    Yip I would say the same.


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    You should read some of the South African shooting sites (yes they have them as well!), they will give you a better insight to hunting plains game than most of us can give. We are after all quite a long way away!

    What I can say is speaking to my South African and Zimbabwean hunting friends you will find not everyone uses a something magnum! Seems for plains game 270, 308 and 30-06 are used fairly widely and the 7's are very popular, 7x57, 7x64 and the 7mm-08 is growing in popularity as people see it as basically a 7x57.

    Lots of other of course but I would have thought that's enough to choose from!

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    you are never alone with a .308 ammo in every shop around the world

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    From my experience of Botswana and South Africa, 30.06 is probably the best choice for you, if you are not looking at something bigger.

    I agree with Jager that a 338 WM is a really flexible calibre that can do most things with authority .... Mike Norris made me up some 250grn barnes solids and I always kept a few on me whilst hunting in areas where elephant present .....!

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    Unless you have very real expectations of going after buffalo and beyond, .308 is more than enough, though .270 or 7x64 would give you a touch more reach on flat ground with limited cover.

    Your biggest problem is going to be permits... good luck!

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    In my opinion a 308 is certainly not "more than enough" for tough African plains game - will get the job done but not really potent enough for the bigger game .... eland zebra etc

    300 win mag (or 338 as mentioned earlier) would be better. I do think 30.06 is used successfully and with heavy for calibre bullets more appropriate..... but just my personal view, not suggesting you are wrong.

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    Zebra and eland are thin skinned - much the same as Northern hemisphere cervids. I have seen them culled with .243 and .270 with minimal fuss. I have actually seen them taken with .222, though that was head shots under a lamp.

    I think very few plains game species really need anything more than a .308 unless you're somewhere where distance is a serious issue. Buffalo, hippo and maybe giraffe being the exceptions.

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