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Thread: A day on the trout & a days stalking in Solway

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    A day on the trout & a days stalking in Solway

    I've been off work this week and fancied some out doors fun.

    Wednesday gone I woke early and fancied a days fishing on the trout. Gear packed and off up the m6 heading towards Ravenstonedale in my camper van. On my way I kind of got the feeling a good session was about to happen. There was a slight frost and a good chill in the air. On route I seen many buzzards, three roe. Then first cast a pair of kingfishers flew past beautiful to see.

    The wind had picked up a little so I decided to cast more towards the embankment. First few casts nothing. Then a couple of twitches and strike I was in. Cast again staying close to where I caught my first and in again, and again and so on. The winds had picked up and the feeling in my hands was numb and with a heavy shower I decided to jump into my camper van for a brew and a couple of buttys. Back out again and with in four hours fishing I caught a dozen trout and produced my best line caught trout ever not a monster but still made me proud.
    Attachment 37149Attachment 37122 My best trout which will be enjoyed. A great day and shall enjoy my takings for the day. Enough was enough and decided to pack up. My tea that night I enjoyed a grilled fresh trout marinated in fresh herbs, roasted vine tomatoes with some fresh potatoes followed by a whisky.
    With no time to really relax as I was stalking with Colin (solway stalker) the next morning for a full days stalking.
    Up at 3am and again off up the M6.
    Met up with Colin at his on route having a laugh and about recent activities and the plan for the day ahead.
    Up at the estate and off we was. Colin mentioned before that we should stalk a recent bit that has been damaged by recent winds as deer have been making themselves visible. Arrived, wind check good, quick look with the bino's and off we was stopping regular having a good look around. With twenty minutes nothing was to be seen or heard.
    Then to my left a ride quite steep was opening up showing nothing but then a head soon appeared. By the time I had dropped the legs on the bi-pod the doe was off. With Colin calling it halted cross hairs on and the doe off again. Colin was still calling (barking) for it to stop which I didn't expect it to but it did stop. I didn't hang around as approx 135 yards I sent a round on its way. The doe dropped on the spot. Eye in inspection followed by the grollach. Never carried a doe up a hill before so I inserted my knife between the tendon and haunch putting the front legs through tying them tightly together and up on the shoulder. Colin carrying the rifle me getting the doe. He did remind me of his hernia operation.
    There was no time to pause as Colin wanted to take me to another bit so couldn't take a picture. The picture here wasn't one I culledAttachment 37150Attachment 37127 but I did cull this December gone with Colin. Anyway back to business. Off we was again to where the reds have been showing and I've had previous success. On route we seen a hind and calf but I wasn't quick enough, Colin didn't want to hang around as we hadn't reached our destination.
    We got to the lower end of the estate glassing to our right Colin spotted a group of reds 6 hinds and a stag.
    To the far right of the bottom of the this picture Attachment 37151Attachment 37125 was where we stood when we noticed the deer. Off we were up through the trees. About 700 yards in front and 2 o'clock (direction wise)was the herd Attachment 37152Attachment 37124 The weather was closing in possible snow shower so we new we had to be a little quicker across. We walked a little further up and started making our way across/ The wind was perfect but the herd got a glimpse of us. As we settled they seemed to settle down and off we where again. We got a slight glimpse of them but they were making themselves up towards the top.
    This was our final spot we got to before we called this stalk off as the herd had clearly seen us and moved on and the snow had decided to come down Attachment 37153Attachment 37126 beautiful view and where we had to walk down after a little break.
    The day was drawing to a end and we decided to have another look into where we had spotted the previous hind and calf. We decided to approach a little higher to give us a better view. We spotted the hind but no calf. We needed to stalk a little closer. Within 100 yards we seen the hind and she was up and visible along with her calf. No shot was on at present as both were facing against us. We waited patently but still not looking like they were going to turn around apart from walk in under cover. We decided that a call was needed as time was running out and we had nothing to loose. I was ready on the bi-pod with a call from Colin. The hind turned a full 180 degre and the calf stayed close to the hind. The hind remained focused on us at all times and not moving. We waited patiently but they wasn't moving. Nothing to loose as time was running out we decided to move a little to our right to try and break them up. The hind moved her whole body which kept her calf close by. No shot was on and both ventured back under cover.

    That was it. A great day in total seen 1 buck, 4 does, 1 red stag, 9 hinds and two red kites.

    Cheers mate for another great day.

    the knife i bought from awmc got used also.

    PS, Lilly's turn next.
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    for some reason the pictures wont work, any help..??

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    sounds like you had a great day pal keep it up, pictures worked for me ? nice blog.doug.

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    Good write up mate well done!

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    Great write up i enjoyed every step
    Well done
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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    Love Forrest Estate, does Fred Olsen still own it?

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