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Thread: All Terrain Tyres (Freelander 2)

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    All Terrain Tyres (Freelander 2)

    My road tyres are on their last legs. I drive 90% road and 10% soft off road whilst stalking and picking up. With all this wet weather and my next stalking beat clearly going to involve farmed fields and muddy farmers tracks I need a set of All Terrains.
    Please advise on what you guys and girls are using and would recommend before I order a set that I later regret.
    I got stuck last week so another set of road tyres are not an option!
    Many thanks


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    just moved to copper at3 and for under 100 per tyre plus fitting i paid 440 very good they feel like they stick to the road better than my old Geolanders M/S i used to have have a look at 4x4 Tyres

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    I had General grabber AT2's on my FL2 - they coped well with mud and snow and road handling was just as good as the previous tyres.

    got mine from here - Home as they seemed to be the cheapest.

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    We've always had Goodyear Wrangler on our FL2 & have coped will in some pretty harsh conditions.. for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    AT2 get my vote. Work in a land rover dealership. We see and sell a lot of them.
    Just watch out for speed rating on cheaper ones.

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    Sh** too late telling me now Jon, just put some on mine but could of used your discount

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    I'm also on the hunt for a set for my Jimny.
    General Grabber AT are good, they replaced the AT2.
    I had a set on my Nissan and they performed very well.

    BF Goodrich also get a great name, and apparently last for ever, although a
    touch more expensive... I think I will be plumbing for the BF this time around.
    If for no other reason other than just to try them.

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    Always had Goodrich AT but they don't do the size I need on a new Hi Lux so I've moved over to General Grabber AT's.No noisier than road tyres,same consumption and handles pretty well in the muddy lanes so pretty impressed so far

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    Many thanks to you all for your help. I will be putting on some General Grabbers in the next few days as they appear to have done all you guys well.
    Many thanks again.

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