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Thread: Bleach on Roe Skull

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    Bleach on Roe Skull


    Although I shoot a fair amount of roeI dont usually keep the heads
    unless really good or unusual...good heads in the North of scotland
    are fairly scarce anyway (at least in my area).
    Anyway I shot a pretty good one this year...possibly in the high bronze
    low silver area by my calculation, but never got round to bleaching it
    at the time
    Will it be ok to bleach now dried out as it is or briefly resoak in water
    or will it have to remain as is.



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    Try reboiling the skull or leave it in water for a couple of days, then put the bleach on.

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    Also, wouldn't use bleach, it loosens the sutures. Use hydrogen peroxide (the strong solution if you can get it, but the weaker one will work, just takes longer.



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    Thanks Guys,
    I dont put many on the wall but this one is worth mounting,
    will try the resoak and hydrogen peroxide


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    if you completely dry it out after bleaching/HP, you can immerse it in a diluted water based clear varnish for 24 hrs then dry out again, it will stop it yellowing and will seal it together..


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    AAYYup Niel! feelin' a bit better?

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