This tripod is in very good condition. I've been using it with my spotting scope.
This costs 119 at uttings
For sale for 70 inc p+p

Product Details

One of the features that have made the MASTER CLASSIC such an enduring legend with photographers and birdwatchers world-wide is its head.

The 2-way pan head has traditional all-metal construction with simple sturdy one lever operation. When released, the head can move in two directions, it can tilt up and down and pan left or right. These directions of movement make the head an ideal choice for long telephoto lenses, like 300mm f/2.8, 400mm f/5.6 or 500mm f/4.5. Following a subject, such as a bird in flight, is easy with this head. The tension of movement can be adjusted by turning the release lever slightly to match the weight of the camera and lens being used.

The camera mount plate, while not removable, has a small release lever on one side that allows the mount plate to rotate 360&Mac176; and be locked down at any point.

The camera mount post is spring-loaded and can be adjusted by turning the tensioner to match the tread depth of the lens or camera being used. This allows for more secure mounting of heavy equipment on the head.

Secure twist lock legs makes this tripod an absolute joy to use.

Top section leg diameter - 28mm
LENGTH FOLDED - 650mm (25.6")
MAX. OPERATING HEIGHT- 1630mm (64.2")
MAX. CENTER COLUMN EXT. - 295mm (11.6")
WEIGHT - 2.55kg
It has pen marks on the legs used to remember length