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    swar scope

    I will soon be on the look out for a new scope,z6 illuminated,does any one know of best deals at the moment.
    Also what would,in your opinion,be the best,mag etc for,general stalking,light gathering and so forth.
    Thanks Guys.

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    I have a 2.5--15 56, absolutely brilliant, Mcleods of Thane are normaly worth a look, cheers

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    Thanks Bramble,do you know if you buy off them,do you get any sort of warranty.

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    I assume you would get a years warranty from Mcloeds, but Swaro are famous for there after sales care, cheers

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    Ive got the 2.5-15-56 its awesome you would not be disappointed.

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    I have the Mk1 Z6i 2.5-15-56 from new with ballistic turret,both really worth the money, You may be able to pick one up as old stock ask the Sportsman or Uttings. Unless you want the Mk2 especialy.

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