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Thread: Deer butchery training wanted

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    Deer butchery training wanted

    Hi all. I'm looking for someone local to show me how to produce all the correct meat cuts for a roe deer. I know the basics cuts but would like to make it look like it does in the butchers. All help greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weeman View Post
    Pm sent!
    I am interested too. I did not know you do that sort of thing. Maybe we could get together for a session?

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    Jack of all trades me mate. Pm sent!

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    I am a butcher. Happy to show you the cuts.
    pm sent.

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    Great idea anyone near Peterborough fancy doing the same as I would love to be able to do it properly as opposed to my home efforts?


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    its something I would like to learn, but as yet I have not done a single carcass.

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    The easy bits;

    E. Explain. Best Practice guides show how over 3 pages.-Downloadable

    D. Demonstrate. Loads of useful clips on YouTube

    The more difficult bit

    Imitate. Grant.N above has offered to help maybe that's not too difficult (or buy a carcass from someone on here and try yourself)

    The hard bit

    Practice. Depends how often you can get a carcass - either shot yourself or purchased whole

    I am self taught, and yes, it takes me about 4 hours to skin and joint a fallow and then 4 hours to create the cuts, but I take my time and with every carcass I learn a bit more - and derive satisfaction from my effort

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    Weeman, as per a previous PM, I too am interested in this - have yet to have a carcase that needs processing so if something is being set up for this area I'd be grateful if I could tag along. I noticed on another post somewhere about sausage making that you'd like to add that to your skill set - I'd be happy to bring a mincer and sausage stuffer along and do a bit on that front.

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