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Thread: laksen stalker set

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    laksen stalker set

    Has anybody used the above set.
    I know laksen is a good brand but is their ctx really waterproof and breathable.
    Have been looking for something lightweight and seen this at a good price but want something breathable, it is either this or some used grade Austrian gore tex army clothing

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    I've not used that particular set, but I wouldn't rely on the Laksen name as a guarantee of quality. I have a pair of trousers from them which weren't cheap. In the four months I've had them I've had to sew the arse seam back together and replace two poppers. I wouldn't buy another pair.




    before anyone suggests it, I've lost weight since I got them so it's not due to me paking on wood !

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    I have the elk set and had it for four years now just use it in winter so 5 months out of each year and I have never been cold and that's at night as well been wet but not soaked so not sure how water prof it is . if I am thinking of using it to stay in one spot I normally wear a fleece as well and then get a tad hot when have a walk round but if I go out and intend to have a walk around then just wear t shirt and the coat and it keeps me just right hope this helps

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