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Thread: Rolex 16610 submariner

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    Rolex 16610 submariner

    Here is my Rolex Submariner date for sale 3650
    1991, with papers, serviced 2 years ago.
    Papers included in sale, along with spare links as per pictures.
    I have just put the watch into Tom Coll in Glasgow, for a valuation and refurb for piece of mind for selling, and also to give the new owner 100% satisfaction.
    Valuation certificate will be included in sale, which states replacement value of 5750!
    Excellent future investment.
    The watch is a N serial number which originates from Brussels in Belgium from 1991/3/4.
    The watch is a 91 model which was originally sold in 93.
    Grab yourself a fantastic timepiece.
    I am more than happy to meet at any local jewellers, and can special courier to new owner

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    Why would any person in their right mind spend such money for a watch when a accurate watch can be bought for less than a tenner ?????

    ONLY JOKING !!!!!

    Cracking watch at a sensible price. Good luck with the sale


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    Cheers ED. LOL.

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    How come you keep selling the same watch type? Interested only not causing hassle

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    Hi jimbob
    the submariners are the most sought after sports rolex watches going. They are all becoming classics. there amazing watches.
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    what would a 1967 submariner be worth? Mine is the same age as me, and to be honest is never going to be for sale. It is a non date model. It needs a service now, as it is 8 years since last service. I have owned it for 25 + years now and is with me always, since my old diving days.


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    3500 to 4000 depending on condition and exact model. Is this the 5513 ? it`s not a Comex is it,, if it is, hold on to yer hat !!

    Unless it`s a military sub,, then 100,000 or so
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rake Aboot View Post
    3500 to 4000 depending on condition and exact model

    Unless it`s a military sub,, then 100,000 or so
    As you say, 5513's can go for silly money depending upon exact model, provenance and condition.

    Watches for Sale: Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Buy and Sell - Watch Club, 28 Old Bond Street, Mayfair, London

    Second Hand Rolex Vintage (Submariner) Watches | Preowned Rolex Vintage Watch

    And some Submariner porn for the aficionados amongst us: Vintage Rolex Submariner Picture Gallery,, Vintage Rolex Submariner, Rolex 5513, Rolex 5512, Rolex 1680, Rolex 5508, Rolex 5514, Rolex 16610, Rolex 168000

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    Hi Dave have a look at this closer to 10k bud.


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    Thats a 5512 though Remmy, bloody lovely as well

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