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    Deer larders

    Cold room SD1 (5.75m)

    Most cold rooms are designed for the catering trade. Due to recent discussions on we formulated a design specifically for use as the game larder. These units will be delivered flat packed for ready assembly. They are designed for indoor use so ideally they are part of a larger lardering solution such as an outbuilding. Internally they are provided with a hanging rail and three hooks (supplied loose). One complaint common to the discussions was lack of hanging height. Referring to internal dimensions we increased the roof height to 2.475m (8.12 Feet). Another observation was the space to move inside the room. This we set at 1.525m (5 Feet) x 1.525m (5 Feet). This gives ample room to lift a carcase or employ a pulley to hang a red stag. The library picture used shows the door and fridge unit on the front wall. In certain circumstances that may not be ideal so you choose door and fridge position to suit your location. Another concern was the standard of insulation on the walls. This we have gone for the heavy duty 75mm (3) insulation for the walls. The fridge unit we have again set at a size suitable for a larger room. While adding little to the initial cost it would allow additional panels to be added to increase the larder without the expense of changing this item. The increased refrigeration unit capacity also ensures the temperature remains constant when additional carcases are added. As you can imagine when a fresh carcase is added a lot of cooler air is lost through the door, then with fresh carcases inserted the larger unit will return the room to its seven degrees quicker and using less energy. The design has been submitted to the manufacturer and costings returned. We will continue to explore further avenues and sizes. Larger applications can be quoted for through direct contact with Tim at . Supply, installation and invoicing will also be through Stirling Consulting allowing VAT to be recovered by those registered. The cold room SD1 sets the benchmark in what we are trying to provide. It is a fully specked unit complying with all current regulations and environmental approved for food use.
    Delivery and Installation

    While these units are within the capabilities of a good DIY person it is not advised. As you must appreciate it would be difficult to implement a guarantee if the unit was damaged in transit. No-one would be likely to put their hands up as responsible. For the time being we are offering a days labour to deliver and assemble your unit. If you are within a reasonable distance of Central Scotland there would be a mileage charge only to cover fuel. Further afield we would give you a quote individually to recover our costs. You could assemble yourself by taking direct delivery but Stirling Consulting could not take any responsibility for accidental damage.

    Set up pre delivery.
    It would be essential that the covered premises where construction is to take place has a firm level base, has sufficient and clear access and has a 13 amp 240v supply. Erection time should be approximately three hours.


    Unit cost including assembly (one days free labour as an introductory offer)
    Excluding VAT 3,723.20
    Vat at 17.5% 651.56
    Including VAT 4,374.76 (from VAT change on 1/1/10

    Warranty: A twelve month parts only warranty is provided.

    Please note this price will be from the 1/1/10 when vat returns to 17.5%
    Orders before the VAT change would be at 15% saving 93.08= 4,281.68

    Cold room Specifications for Model SD1 (5.03m)
    Ext Dimensions: 1.6m (5.3Feet) x 1.6m (5.3Feet) x 2.55m (8.4Feet).
    Int Dimensions: 1.525m (5 Feet) x 1.525m (5 Feet) x 2.475m (8.12 Feet).
    Total Capacity: 5.756m.
    Room Construction: A modular foam injected rigid polyurethane panel having white food safe PVC laminate on galvanised steel to all internal walls, ceiling and visible external walls. All non-visible panels will remain finished as galvanised steel only. All panels are 75mm (3) thickness. Panels are retained using both tongue and groove location and cam locks @ 0.8m (2.62 Feet) centres.
    Floor: Grey patterned PVC laminate on galvanised steel designed for walk-in use only. Reinforcement to support trolley operation is available as an option on request.
    Door: 1 No 0.6m (1.97 Feet) x 1.9m (6.23 Feet) hinged and supplied with a cylinder lock.
    Hanging Rail: Installed on the centreline of the longest side to be used in conjunction with the three Hooks (supplied loose).
    Cooling Unit: (Standard Option)
    A self contained monoblock unit mounted through the panel section to provide effective temperature control within the room @ 4C in a maximum 32C ambient using the refrigerant R404a.
    Electrical connection by 13 Amp flying lead (supplies provided by others)
    (Remote Condenser Installation)
    If requested a remote condenser may be specified to ensure the correct operation of the equipment if the ambient conditions exceed the stated parameters shown above (Price on application).
    Spacing: It is recommended that a 50mm (2) air gap is provided around the perimeter of the room extending to 150mm (6) above the ceiling to facilitate correct operation.
    Warranty: A twelve month parts only warranty is provided.
    Site Install: The quoted price is conditional on works being conducted within normal hours (0800-1700), on flat and level ground with unrestricted access which is cleared prior to our arrival. Unless specified hereafter the price excludes all builders and electrical works (although these can be provided on request).

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    Just had a message back from Tim. The cubic capacity is 5.75 not as originally stated 5.03.Sorry for the confussion, Jim

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