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Thread: Very lightweight slip

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    Very lightweight slip

    Hope someone's got one hanging around!
    im looking for a very lightweight rifle slip that must be able to be rolled up and stuffed into a jacket pocket.

    just because I sometimes need to walk a short distance from the car parking place to the wood where I stalk and it's not convenient to carry my big slip around while I'm stalking, so invariably I have to track back to collect it when I'm finished!

    must accommodate a rifle with mod attached.

    let me know if you have anything

    all the best,

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    just a thought get old waterproof coat? place rifle on draw round cut out , get her in doors or something simular to whip round with sewing machine,simples cost nowt. doug. another one old cover off garden brollie/patio set, or slip of pigeon hide poles anything like that will do.
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    I have an old thin leather one - what length has it got to be?

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    I don't have one for sale, but I use a Napier Roller plus, it takes a scoped rifle with ease and it rolls up quite small and will fit in your pocket. Costs around 15.00 if I remember right.

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    Go to a decent gun shop and ask if you could buy a handful of the plastic bags they use to put guns in for all the people who don't bring a slip when buying a rifle.
    I snagged a few a couple of year sago and find them useful when getting back to the car with a wet rifle, saves getting a dry slip wet for the sake of a 10 minute walk or drive.


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    What about one of these? Hubertus GmbH

    there is a video on there.
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