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Thread: A Vise with a Twist!! Back to my Roots..

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    A Vise with a Twist!! Back to my Roots..

    This job came up from some work I done a couple of years ago for some scrap lads who were snapping the blades in their exhaust cutting tool...They have moved on but I was tracked down by a new firm having the same problem's
    I found the vice at a boot sale from an engineer who was retiring...20.00!! A bargain!
    The blade sits in a frame and is bolted to a hydraulic ram which cuts through the pipe so the cat exhaust go for reclaiming..
    EN24T worked well last time so I have used it again...just the hardening and tempering to do next..Tim.243

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    Bloody hell feller! you said it was good did't expect spotless what a find you jammy sod

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    Are you back? Early bird gets the deer (cheap) tools lol


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    looking good tim, u wouldn't want to get a digit caught between that.
    cheers james

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    Yes feller rain and it going off stopped the range day to wet and cold for the old gang sad day and it did't get any better with his brother turning up pissed !! went south fast the 12 bailed just in case we got in mess and that was on the cards from some of the old troop. catch you later feller.

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