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Thread: How do you you build a duck flighting pond ?

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    How do you you build a duck flighting pond ?

    I've got a bit of wet land upon which I'm thinking of building a duck flighting pond. Anyone know how big and how deep it needs to be to attract duck ? I know the sides need to be gently sloping but what else should I consider ? How far back do I need to cut the trees around it and in which direction ? Long and thin or perfectly round ? Tried googling it but all I come up with is how to make a pond for domestic ducks. Where else can I get the info ?

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    The basc have a very good article on this.
    Free to download.
    Just google how to make a duck fighting pond.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Some say that an X shaped island is good as it gives shelter from the wind for any duck that do use it. Certainly if you can an island is a good idea if you want, ever, to put an electric feeder on it. The other factor is to keep in mind the direction of your shots and thus the need for a "fall out" area. This may affect the location of your pond. As will any distant artificial lights and or the position of where the sun sets.

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    Yes, sloping sides, not necessarily all around. Needs to be reasonably shallow (think upended Mallard depth) but deeper in some places isn't a problem. An island isn't strictly necessary but is a good added extra. Cutting back trees/vegetation around depends on the height of the vegetation, think duck flying by and is it visible from a fair distance and enough space should a predator appear that the duck on the bank have a chance of seeing them and taking to the water or flight). But also think that if the pond is in a generally open area, surrounding trees will give good weather protection. As for size, really any size will do the trick, depending on what space is available, obviously the bigger it is, the more it will attract wildfowl.

    As for shape, I would go for the natural look, if only for looks with some little bay areas and so forth. Roughly circular or kidney shaped perhaps. Again, bear in mind shotgun effective ranges snap shooting. As duck usually come in into the wind, making the vegetation/trees lower on the side of the prevailing wind helps.

    If there's a wee stream running through it, that is good. Keeps the water wet when it's freezing elsewhere and as a result you could get bigger numbers coming in.

    However, the BASC leaflet, as Limulus says is good. It goes into much more detail and considers all sorts of flora and fauna's requirements, not only wildfowl. It also gives a bit of advice on whether you need to seek planning approval.

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    I find an arrow head shaped pond works well. I wouldn't make it deep at all, probably 18" at most. Cover wise I would clear all the tall stuff so you can see them last light. Also finding the shot ducks can be a pain if there's thick cover,I so clear as much as I could.

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    BASC guidelines are pretty good, also you should consider that many planning authorities actually require planning permission for creation of new ponds.

    Here are some guidelines on the planning side of it, it looks like if its an agricultural operation you may not need it!
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    The place i used to shoot the farmer created a flight pond as above with shallow area's all around except for the southern end where he had constructed a dam (although he should have he didn't apply for planning permission), he planted willow on the East and Western sides, it was about 15 yards wide and length about 70 yards, but he kept the North and South ends clear of any tree's or foliage.
    This last part was a brilliant idea, as it also attracted geese, and they need a long take off!
    Great fun, especially waiting for the ducks to flight in at the end of the day.
    We also found the ducks like kibbled maize and barley.

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    Admin I think you've moved my thread to the wrong section.

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    maybe they think pigs can fly!

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    I've got a pig-and-duck trailer... easy mistake to make... I guess...

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