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Thread: Luck and Perseverance, my first wild Boar

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    Luck and Perseverance, my first wild Boar

    Having seen Colin (Solwaystalker) on Fieldsports Britain I thought that would be a great treat to myself to go wild boar hunting in the UK. Having made contact through the Stalking Directory Colin got back to me giving me the option on a couple of days the following week. Iím very lucky to have a very understanding wife who will let me go shooting at the drop of a hat so hotel booked and I was off.

    I booked into the Mabie House Hotel which is a very comfortable old hotel set in beautiful grounds and friendly staff to greet you. It had taken me over 6 hours traveling to get there but I was more than eager to get out. Colin collected me from the hotel at 4pm. He couldnít emphasised enough that it isnít a sure bet that Iíd get a boar, saying these boar arenít the easiest of things you know. After fitting the NV to my scope and a good briefing on shot placement and what I should expect and reiterating that there is every chance that I may not see anything, we headed off to the highseat.

    It was my first time in a highseat as all of my stalking has been for red deer and goats that is all walked stalking. Colin very kindly gave me a sleeping bag in which I could sit in just for that little extra comfort. When we got into the high seat it was about 4.45pm the weather was calm just a little nip in the air. The breeze was straight onto the seat which was ideal, the feed area just 60 odd metres off. 5 minutes of shuffling getting set for the evening vigil then that was it, silence, just listening to the evening unfold in the surrounding forest.

    At about 6pm the wind picked up rocking the seat and making it near impossible for us to hear anything going on in the forest. The odd heavy shower rattled in but they didnít last long. I was beginning to wonder how long I could take it when the wind dropped again restoring calm to the forest. The feed area had now disappeared into the darkness only visible via the NV. The slightest of noises made my ears ***** up. I could hear a fox off to my right, I wasnít sure if that would put the boar off but I kept my silence staring into the darkness. My only movement was to check the area through my scope and tensing muscles to prevent the cold getting to me and keep my blood flowing. I never sit for this long not even to watch TV and yet here I was staring into the darkness just listening for any give away noises of boar. It must have been 7.30pm when I first heard what I thought could be boar. It was a slight grunting off to my left, my heart leapt and pounded as I strained to hear more. Nothing more came but I thoroughly checked to area with the NV.

    As the night drew on it got colder and colder but I was determined to stay the course. Colin had said that most of the boar shot had been shot earlier on rather than later and the best time was between 8 Ė 9pm. Any noise and any perceived movement got checked. At about 8.30pm I picked up a fox sniffing around the feed area, I considered taking it but thought ďno Iím here for boar not foxĒ if I took a shot then Iím sure that would have been it for the night. The night vigil continued.

    It was now well past the optimum time Colin had said for the boar but I had thought 10pm would be the time I would give it to. Then again off to my left I heard grunts and a squeal which soon sharpened me up. I checked over the area over and over but nothing appeared but I was 100% as to what I had heard. I strained my ears and eyes to try and pick up anything. After another 20 minutes I thought I spotted a slight movement but couldnít be sure as my eyes had played tricks on me before. Using the NV I scanned over in the direction I had seen the movement and immediately picked up two small boar trotting up to the feeding area. I was in luck! The pair began to feed but with their backs to me. With the NV I could make them out but not enough to take a shot, but with the IR on it was crystal clear. I waited and waited for one of them to present a shot then one turned broadside, just as I got it in the cross hairs it decided to have a tussle with its feeding companion which luckily for it that took it out of the equation but forced its mate into it. He was head on, eyes lit up and standing steady. With that I took the shot and down it went, just a little over 5hours in the waiting! A nice yearling just perfect for me and my wife.

    Thank you again to Colin and Iíll be back for roe.

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    Nice write up and well done on the boar. I have never managed one but had great fun trying!

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    Thank you, I go shooting as much for the experience as anything else, but getting something for the freezer is always welcome.

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    Brilliant post. Reading it has stirred me into sorting out a trip up to Colins again this year for another boar.

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    Nice one chap that's my aim for this year a boar for the freezer. Colin comes highly recommended. What calibre out of interest did you use?

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    well done nice write up. I hope to have a try for boar sometime in the future as well

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    Great write up, great result, well done and Waidmannsheil!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Congratulations..... Great article.
    Relay pleased for you both. I helped Colin feed several stations that day.
    Happy eating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steyer 6.5 View Post
    Nice one chap that's my aim for this year a boar for the freezer. Colin comes highly recommended. What calibre out of interest did you use?
    I used .270, my usual round for deer RWS 130grain. I would recommend Colin and will be back there myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weeman View Post
    Congratulations..... Great article.
    Relay pleased for you both. I helped Colin feed several stations that day.
    Happy eating.
    Some thanks should go to you then as it certainly worked! So Thank you. I’m looking at some recipes now.

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