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Thread: BASC Thetford Stalking Scheme

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    BASC Thetford Stalking Scheme

    Thinking of trying the scheme. Thread from 2012 spoke highly of it. Is it still good value for an unexperienced stalker like myself?

    all the best,


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    You won't go wrong, plenty of deer and Des is a gent. Enjoy.
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    A very good scheme. And Des is a top chap.

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    Superb scheme and you will learn a lot from Des!

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    Did my first stalk using this scheme. Des is a true gent and will teach you huge amounts. Good luck and enjoy!

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    My first Stalks were with Des, four stalks and two deer. It was money well spent if you want to learn, I was exhausted at the end of each stalk from the concentration and the intensity of the stalking. Des is an encyclopaedia of Forest Stalking and an absolute gent. Don't mention the gearbox on the Ford Ranger though!
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    "Looks a bit pricey !" Pay the money. I did my level 2 DSC with Des, and, as others have said, he is extremely knowledgible and shares this knowledge.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. As a student I have neither the time or financial resources to commit to lots of consecutive stalks. 120 with no trophies seemed quite reasonable to me considering the ad-hoc nature of the scheme! I'm just trying to work up towards the DSC1 at some point and your reassurance regarding the knowledge and friendly attitude of the stalker at Thetford leads me to think that I will get more than just a shot out of the afternoon. It sounds like I will benefit from his knowledge which is in many ways more valuable to me than the actual shot itself.

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    Good man, good attitude, I stalk adjacent land to the scheme and there is no shortage of deer round there, I've even stalked the very same deer as Des before now on our adjoining boundary, slightly awkward moment when we both clocked each other but his client went on to have a successful kill, just with a couple more witnesses than planned!
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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