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Thread: Sako TRG 42 Custom .30-338 Lap Mag / .338 Lap Mag

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    Sako TRG 42 Custom .30-338 Lap Mag / .338 Lap Mag

    With a nod to 21st century consumerism.....I'm selling this rifle to help fund a new switch-barrel AI AXMC.

    The rifle will be sold as a complete package that consists of:

    Sako TRG 42 green phoshate fitted with a Pacnor Super Match very heavy profile 33" fluted 1-10" twist .338 Lap Mag barrel thread 18x1mm. The rifle will also be fitted with the new 2013 upgraded Sako TRG trigger.
    Pacnor Super Match No.8 profile 30.5 inch 1-10" twist .30-338 Lap Mag barrel threaded 18x1mm.
    Near MFG 25 MOA scope rail, made to order in Canada for an extra close fit on this action.
    Sako TRG Muzzle brake & the one standard 5 round magazine.
    Custom stainless steel TRG internal action wrench, to facilitate easy barrel changes.
    I will also include in the sale a reasonably well travelled Peli 1750 case to guarantee it arrives at your RFD in perfect condition.

    The cheekpiece has had a slight portion removed from the front to allow the bolt to fully cycle with extra spacers/ultra high scope mounts. This can either be left as is or easily filled and cera/dura coated, either way it doesn't affect the rifles use.

    This .338 Lap Mag barrel was ordered in this spec. especially for ELR shooting and was fitted from a blank by Dave at Valkyrie last year - it has only seen 38 rds in total! I've been waiting for some Berger 300 grain elite hunters to arrive in the UK for the last year (all I planned on using in the rifle) so simply haven't shot it; beyond breaking it in with the 300 gr OTM bullets (readily available here) which showed excellent potential!

    The .30-338 Lap Mag barrel has seen 373 rounds in total and was fitted from a blank by Neil McKillop. It is simply the most accurate barrel I've ever owned, shooting in .1's & .2's at 100 yards with 240gr SMK's and has shot many 1/2 MOA groups right out beyond 1,000 yards in the field and witnessed on the range.

    This whole outfit has cost me well in excess of 5,500.

    I'm asking 3,250 including transfer - In other words 250 less than a standard .338 TRG!

    Cheekpiece filled with devcon/lead shot to improve balance.

    .30-338 crown/thread - Dasherman's usual excellent work.

    .338 Barrel with brake fitted & without - top quality machining by Dave/Baldie!

    N.B. Scope/mount/bipod obviously not included - Peli case IS included, as is the action wrench (forgot to include in pics). Also the rifle will come fitted with a brand new updated 2013 TRG trigger - it hasn't arrived yet, so old one fitted for pictures. Also for sale elsewhere.


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    Holy crap Batman, you could shoot the moon with that thing surely !

    Quite a bit of kit.

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