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Thread: Evening from here

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    Evening from here

    Hi all, thought it was about time I joined this forum as I'm just getting more serious about stalking and like neillFRBS I have my DSC1 in a few weeks.

    I'm keen on my shotguns (clays and game) and my rifle shooting (air and .22lr) for targets and some smaller stuff around my permissions.

    Wanted to get the DSC1 before making my mark on the deer there as well so thought this was the best approach.

    Fingers crossed I've found a .243 with mod for a good price so will take a trip out there tomorrow to have a gander.

    Looking forward to being educated more about this side of the business...

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    hi mate hows the revision going ,see you in a couple of weeks, cheers neill.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Cheers chaps.

    Revision not going too well just yet - hectic week away with work and not too much time over this weekend.

    Did manage to pop out to Chipping Norton and buy a Howa .243 though so will get out on my permission next weekend and put some rounds through it ready for the course.

    Going to have a look at that site you recommended for the revision later on tonight / tomorrow.

    How's yours going?

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    revision not going to bad ,the seasons are the hardest, but that site is really good ,you can do a mock test .
    I will probably fail on the range ,lol .
    nice rifle im not jealous in the slightest .

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    Fingers crossed for us both!

    Yeah, it was 295 with a Wildcat Predator moderator included - as long as it shoots straight I'l be happy to have it in the cabinet.

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