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Thread: The future Shooter & the hoops to jump through?

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    The future Shooter & the hoops to jump through?

    I have thought about this long & hard, shooting opportunities are now few & far between, once it was a nod or a grunt from a farmer, now the scene has changed, when I hear plod wants this or that, I hark back to when I started,So, I have resolved to help where & when I can, Unfortunately I do not have any deer grounds, but what I do have is many thousands of acres of vermin shoots, where I & friends shoot over shared acreages, at night & during the day, stretching from Gobowen / Oswestry, on through the Dee valley & the Cheshire gap, on to the Wirral peninsula, & other more obscure places, Quarry species range from the rat, to geese, on to fox & mink, pigeon, crow, etc. So anyone who is experiencing unusual difficulties regarding their fac conditions who can travel, or who are resident within reasonable driving distance of Chester are welcome to make contact with regard to getting some experience, this is not a commercial offer but more a helping hand, & therefore a limited opportunity, anyone who might be invited to attend on occasion, would have to prove basc insurance / membership & shoot in if using a rifle, this is only open to prospective shooters who have a real handicap to obtaining experience shooting over land. Steve.

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    A very generous offer for the tyros.

    Well done and Seasons Greetings.

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    I would consider it not unreasonable that there are others with the same capabilities in other counties, that could offer some like opportunities to our "followers" & those "at heel", or should we let those that would destroy our lifestyle get ahead in the game, come on fella's lets bring on the young ones! 8)

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    That`s a great offer Steve and exactly what this site is about, well done mate.

    I know if i had the ground i would certainly help out with that kind of offer.

    ATB and a Merry Christmas to you and your family


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    a very generous offer indead and i hope whome ever takes advantage of this extremly kind offer realises how lucky they are and i hope finnbear270 that you are not inamdated by time wasters or people whom are just after another lump of shooting due to there greed.
    finnbear270 i hope you have a very enjoyable christmas

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    finnbear270- a very generous offer indeed. I hope people apreciate it and get the benefit of the land you have to shoot over. I offered someone from this site some stalking some time back, no charge, even free accomodation at ours. After numerous PM's and E.mails the guy never bothered to come or even let me know that he wouldn't take me up on my offer. I hope you are treated with a little more respect.
    Best wishes for Xmas and New Year to you and all SD members.
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Well done Steve, very admirable of you.
    We all get very protective of our permissions and rightly so as our sport as a whole has become very popular, not just stalking but fieldsports in general.
    Last year I tallied up the acreage I have access to and was jaw dropped when I realised that it exceeded 10'0000 acres.
    Yes I have work long and hard to obtain the rights to all the land but it is far too much for one person.
    So I now take out anyone who is keen to learn and will put in the time to help me control vermin over alot of these areas. Alot of these are serving military as I keeper for an army shoot and have found that these lads are very gratefull for the oportunities as they dont get the chance to gain there own land.
    When I first started out I had a great mentor and would like to think that I could give others the benifit of my experience like I was given.


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    Good to know there are already a few out there with the same aim, as to time wasters, this old dog is long in the tooth(the few that are left), I'm thinking more on the lines of those unfortunates who are forced into this mentoring cr*p, if we are going to be made to take it then some of us will have to take up the slack. I have just got through writing up support letters for a pal who has just had his renewal go through, I was astonished to learn that Merseyside made him supply fresh evidence of bookings for stalking, & made contact with me as to re stating his permissions with me for vermin!, B.A.S.C. say that they are fully entitled to do so! So don't take your re-issue's for granted chaps!

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    wow, this is a very generous offer, and one I would love to take up to give me a helping leg-up in the world of stalking. However it's a little far for me I fear.

    Although, do I gather from this offer, that an FEO can in theory grant a slot for a 'deer calibre' rifle even if you don't have your own deer permission? Say just going on bought stalks and a friends permission?

    Also, when chatting to my FEO while going round my permission (work - 30 acres half wood half grass) he said with more experience he'd consider a CF on this land but a 22mag would do for now. He also said if I moved away (like back down to west sussex) I wouldn't be able to keep the rifle unless I got another permission. So I assume you have to be close to your permission(s). How close though?

    I have an uncle with an estate in yorkshire, and a dear problem in hampshire. I assume these would be too far to be granted a CF on, me being in norfolk...

    Or if you can't be bothered to read that speal, can you get a slot for a permission that wouldn't be a regular stalk, but more a weekend trip?

    Sorry to hi-jack your thread finnbear, but I think my question is linked.


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    Quote Originally Posted by harrygrey382
    I have an uncle with an estate in yorkshire, and a dear problem in hampshire. I assume these would be too far to be granted a CF on, me being in norfolk...

    Harry get it in as supporting evidence as to your good reason for requiring a deer calibre rigle, I know of people who live in London who are members of a sydicate in Scotland which is the only place they shoot deer.

    As far as I know the distance to your permission should not matter, and they should not be able to take your FAC off you due to you moving further away from it (but check with BASC if you are a member). What you have to do to own a rifle is show good reason for needing it and that good reason is your permission. Whether you have to travel 5 miles or 500 miles to get there should be arbitarty as long as you do actually make that journey!

    All the best with your application


    Oh, and finnbear, what a great offer! Its things like that which make this site great, I hope that anyone who takes you up on it realises how generous you are being with this offer and one day when they have a lot of their own land they put a little back and do the same for others.

    I'm pretty new into it myself, and as yet only have a tiny bit of land but some day I hope to be in the position that you are to help newcomers into the sport.

    Well done, and happy christmas! (There's no sign of the Grinch around here!)


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