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Thread: Gr2 rip new multiple shot bullet

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    Gr2 rip new multiple shot bullet

    Seen this video on you tube would thought it was interesting. The bullet is machined and on impact breaks up and centre mass keeps going straightish it would be some round for foxes

    G2 Research - YouTube

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    Seems to perform much the same as Norma's Kalahari line by having the front end break up and leaving the rear pellet to drive through, which seems to work fairly well in the .270 load I tried out.

    Admittedly they have taken the design a step further but I suppose to have the projectile fragment correctly at the lower pistol calibre speeds this may have been a requirement, also it looks rather nasty a bit like the old Black Talon Winchester bullets.

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    I saw this too & it made me wonder if they made them in rifle calibres as they would be frangible so could be purchased easily not much different to that segmented .22 rimmy round someone brought out a few years back I think, be interesting to see if they stand up to rifle velocities tho.

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