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Thread: rifle cleaning kit advice?

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    rifle cleaning kit advice?

    What sort of qualities should I be looking at in a rifle cleaning kit?

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    I just use pro-shot kit. It's excellent and works well. Anderson's in East Grinstead hold a good stock as do RSD.

    and don't forget to always use a bore guide.
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    Thanks rob.
    Just checked the pro shot stuff.
    It has aluminium rods - is that advisable?
    I guess that is why you use a bore guide

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    Another vote for proshot stuff! Their rods are excellent

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    should the rods be metal or plastic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scubadog View Post
    should the rods be metal or plastic?
    Tipton do very good carbon fibre ones

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    My pro shot rods are all stainless. As for a bore guide it's role is to prevent any possible throat erosion from the rod.

    I have no experience of the carbon rods so can't comment but I would never use a Parker Hale type again.
    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not using it in a fruit salad.

    Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they never get it wrong.

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    I use a bore snake. Job done.

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    We sell Dewey rods - as per usual because that's what I use personally. Why? Well to be honest that was what the shop had in when I bought my original one 15 years plus ago. They are sprung steel with a nylon type synthetic coating. Are they the best? No one can really say that - I think in fairness you are splitting hairs between Dewey, Tipton etc. good design, well made is what counts - by whoever made it or is selling it.

    Essentials are a one piece design, sufficient rigidity to fight flexing, sufficient 'spring' to stay true, coating helps protect the bore, sufficient length, good bearing system and comfortable handle. I've seen many that looked right but had some defect or another - eg plastic coating soon split.

    Spear tip jags are my personal choice - patch travels the same way as the bullet and falls off rather than drawing the dirt etc back through the bore. I use Dewey because I had the rods and we sell them, but fairly standard fittings and we also get in Proshot. As with rods - its how they're made and used that matters more than the name.

    Rarely use Bronze type brushes - or brushes at all, if I do its Dewey No Harm Nylon version. Key is to keep the brush clean - so a jag/ brush box is an essential and clean off the brush after each use. Why nylon for me? Well I'm using a solvent that attacks the same material as a bronze ( sic ) brush is made of - minor point really, but its what I do.

    Bore guide - a good one is a good one, names dont matter. We sell Possum Hollow because - again! - its what I use and got started on it initially because most everything else at the time wouldn't fit my Sako or didn't do a full job - ie guide the rod and seal the chamber from solvent leaks.

    Solvent - take your pick

    Foam - found it really effective, and one of main reasons not much use for a brush. Not found a set of instructions yet that were all that on the money for timings. I use Forrest Bore Foam - its the first I tried well over a decade ago and it works. But give it plenty of time. Other products likely good too - no incentive to try and I will admit that if something is advertised as a one shot wonder and then starts being supplied as a 2-4 part selection kit I get naggy. That's just me. I find Forrest great on metal fouling but poor on Powder.

    There's a hundred different views ( at least! ) and each to their own - its your rifle and your hard earned cash tied up in it. Keep in mind that if you work with quality gear then the only variable is technique and many bores are worn more from incorrect maintenance than from firing.

    Boresnakes - been done to death!

    Always worth searching out the most OCD segment of any sport and have a look at what they use and why - so worth peeking in on some benchrest forum.

    Several times now for some unearthly reason, if anyone puts a view across and there is any conceivable commercial link; then allegations begin that 'advice' given is purely some despicable act of a snake oil merchant. So please take everything I've said with an appropriate pinch of salt!
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    Thank you for a most comprehensive and informative reply.

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