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Thread: Trained hunter (help)

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    Trained hunter (help)

    I have DSC 1 march 2009 & DSC 2 June 2009 can anyone help how I get trained hunter cert as would like to tender for FC leases
    many thanks Rob

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    Was it not part of your level one?
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    I did mine 2012, was told there is not a separate certificate and to just use my dsc1 candidate Number on tags etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    I did mine 2012, was told there is not a separate certificate and to just use my dsc1 candidate Number on tags etc.
    +1 with that - I phoned BASC when my DSC1 cert arrived and I was expecting some form of certification for the trained hunter element, they advised that all you need to use is the certificate number as your reference.

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    It's no 7 Large Game meat hygiene on level 1 certificates, originally it was not included and at one stage you could pay for an update but that option I believe is no longer available.

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    2009 should include trained hunter.
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    PM me and I will clarify.

    Best regards.


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    That post doesn't seem real for some reason i thought trained hunter came with DSC1

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    Roe Stalker will see you right.

    I dont have the date of switch over in my head ( perhaps there is hope! ), but thereafter DSC1 incorporated the Meat & Large Game Hygiene test paper of 40 questions. There was a grace period for conversion and a process for it in regard older DSC1 certs. That's long now finished.

    I could quote the colours but usually get them back to front and muddle the issue - but as noted above, if you have the Trained Hunter Status it will say so on the face of your DSC1 certificate.

    If you do not have it, you can contact any Assessment Centre and arrange to sit that one paper to convert your cert. The centre will advise on cost etc.
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    My level 1 cert is green and covers the trained hunter element if that is any help?

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