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Thread: My day stalking... a photo-write-up

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    My day stalking... a photo-write-up

    Ok so time is short so I haven't got time to write all this up, but I've just got back from a great days stalking in Dumfries.

    I did a bit of a Wadas in that I travelled for miles, didn't shoot anything but had a bloody great day anyway!

    I took a gamble on the weather, and at dawn it looked like it was going to pay off with barely a cloud in the sky, but that soon changed and the sun that did break through didn't hang around long enough to tempt the roe out.

    Anyway, they say a picture tells a thousand words, so get ready for my longest write-up yet!

    It was cold when I got up...

    Sunrise was looking promising

    Kitted up ready to go

    Still looking like its going to be a good day

    There was a hard frost that probably announced my arrival to anything within 3 miles!

    Then the clouds rolled in

    It started to snow

    And the low cloud followed...

    So I had a break

    ... as the sun came back out!

    But not for long... the snow soon came back... I set off home

    Then... it REALLY snowed!

    This covering took 5-10 minutes!

    ... whilst the 2 hour drive home took 4 1/2 hours...

    Still, I had a great day and watching the sun come up like that made it all worthwhile.

    Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you all have a great year ahead of you too!


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    Merry Xmas to you too Gez


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    Nicely done Gez, not all enjoyable stalks have to end with a shot. Happy Christmas & New Year to you as well.
    Cheers, Pete.

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    When you are back up there during the summer, the sun beating down, hot sweaty and getting eaten by midges you will remember this day with great fondness!

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    Gez, great write up. I was up around Newton Stewart a few weeks back and I had a couple of blank stalks, didn't see a thing but the enjoyment was still as big.

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    Mustard on a scotch egg

    Nice one Gez, it looked a nice bit of ground to be on. A good mixture of plantation and open ground. There is a lot to be taken from a day out in these conditions, they can be very enjoyable.

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    Bad luck Gez, looks like you might have got a bit of my luck lately, nevermind mate, it`ll all come good eventually.



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    Quote Originally Posted by jingzy
    Mustard on a scotch egg
    Not just any old mustard mate... english mustard! And seriously, its a great combo - eggs and mustard are great together, as is anything with sausage...


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    Always nice to have a ride up to Scotland this time of year, sorry you blanked it does happen to the best of us , even the great white hunter Wadas has the odd drought.
    As it happens we were up there last week, very very cold, think we got it around -6 also, we parked up for the night pretty much in the same area you were from the pics.
    It was best described as walking on cornflakes so was very dificult weather to stalk in Gez.
    Although we saw a lot of deer but due to optics malfunction, I also personally blanked had to sit watching a Doe eat Chrimbo trees about 150 away through my nice reliable Japanese binos, bloody Zeiss German rubbish but our party got a few so we had something to take home
    It was a great weekend went out for a bit to eat and a quick drink which turned into a little longer than we thought

    I'm going to buy a nice reliable jap scope next time

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    Legal, anytime I go any distance with shooting in mind I take at least two rigs, one goes defunct, back to the motor for a backup,

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