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Thread: Marrajack doing dry Athlon

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    Marrajack doing dry Athlon

    I am doing the no drink all January trial by torture in the hope I can raise a couple of quid for cancer research
    we all know or have known people touched by this ******* of an illness so if you have the urge to donate please do
    so far I have been 100% honest no golden tickets or cheating, it's for a good cause c'mon let's get it #######ing beat

    Geoff Smith is fundraising for Cancer Research UK

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    Well the torture is now complete
    stalking this morning, very drunk tonight I would imagine
    i used no golden ticket, not one sip passed my lips and have reached the conclusion the temperance path is very overrated
    i have had a couple of donations from unknown so if you are on here many thanks
    Not too late if you were not a donor, and have not sponsored S O else
    good health and sport

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