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Thread: Minor gripe on Minox hg bins

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    Minor gripe on Minox hg bins

    The focus adjust knob and ring are bright metal, I'm sure it's spoiled at least one stalk on me.
    I keep them tucked inside my jacket as much as possible now, damn nuisance though.
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    I thought the same with the shiney focus ring but cant say its ever had any bad effects on any stalks so far

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    Perhaps a bit of black marker pen could solve the issue.....?
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    I taped mine with camo tape. Simple solution
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    Get them Cerakoted matt black.

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    what about matt black spray paint, you can find it in shops like poundland. Build up the coats slowly so that it does not run

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    I agree but i'm sure it has never spoilt a stalk for me, movement might though.

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