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Thread: Hs precision stock off remington pss

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    Hs precision stock off remington pss

    Up for sale is the stock off my .243 PSS . You all know how good these are made from Fiberglass and woven Kevlar with a full length aluminium action bedding, very good for accuracy. Just to confirm its a short action Varmint barrel model, the palm swell is duel handed , so good for lefties also. The stock is in fair condition other than a couple of marks underneath where the top coat has rubbed off. This would make a good stock for a project rifle,or an upgrade for a rifle with the cheap flimsy stock, giving it a repaint if you want it mint. The current price new for these is 484 from Midway, so 170 seems a fair price. First to say "yes please , followed by PM gets it.
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    Price Drop

    Good stock for this price

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    Price reduced to 150 for a quick sale

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    Thats a good price Tom,cant believe you haven't sold it yet. believe they over 400 new.
    Good luck selling it mate

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    Last reduction 140 i am giving it away!

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