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    Hi Chaps i have a S/C applying for my FAC ,I wish both certificates to have the same renewal date Q do i have to send my shotgun certificate with my firearms application. Rob shooter.

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    How long does your S/C run ? To have coterminous certificate it would cost you S/C renewal. Firearms dept would not just add it to FAC for them to run together.


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    If you apply for a co-terminus shotgun certificate at the time of applying for a new grant of a FAC you will need to complete the SGC application part too and include an additional fee of 10 making a total of 60 in all. The date of a SGC can be amended to match that of a FAC but not the other way round. So now is the best time to do it and get them co-terminus.

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    Thanks for the reply Norm and Jimmney, i see you have answered alot of posts, perhaps you could help me further as you have already saved me some hassle.
    On ths FAC do i have to tell them what firearm, moderator, calibre, and animals ime going to shoot? Roe, Foxes, many thanks Rob shooter

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    Have a look at this link for guidance to filling in the fac form

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    Thanks Mike should have it complete taday. cheers Rob

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