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    Ten minutes from my house i have the stalking on a small farm of about 200 acres which holds a good number of quality roe year round, well at least it did untill the gypsies set up camp the other side of the river.
    In six months they managed to wipe the lot out with lurchers and last season not one was even seen but as i also do the vermin control i continued with my regular visits.
    Most of the travelers moved on last winter [HURAH] taking the dogs with them and the roe numbers are steadily getting back to what they were.

    On friday afternoon i popped across with a mate to see the deer and also if there were any rabbits about and in the largest field well 3 joined into 1 the land owner had let the grass keep to a sheep farmer.
    There must have been about 100 sheep in the field when all of a sudden they started acting strange zig zagging up the field towards myself and my work mate kev.
    We watched in amaisment as a large fox was chassing them rushing in and biteing them on there back legs and in total he bit five before i shouted at him 50 feet away and he ran off.

    [i had no rifle just a ferret and nets typical]

    I just wondered if any of you had ever heard of this happening before as i know foxes take lambs but these were adult sheep and why go for the legs.
    He had a light patch on his side about the size of a fist so i will no if i see him again as i am foxing there on monday.


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    I of the farms i shoot over had to get the vet in to some of his young calfs earlear this year with bites on there lower back legs the vet told the farmer that it was foxes & had seen this on some of the farms in the local area in the last couple of weeks.


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    As in any hunt by this type of animal if you are smaller than your prey, going for the legs will result in slowing your intended victim,the larger predators will grip using a choke hold if not already having broken the neck, your fox with the recognition panel is unfortunate in having a perfect aiming mark!

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    foxes and sheep

    About this time last year I saw 2 foxes working together to brings some sheep to a corner of the field.I was wondering what was going to happen next but one of the foxes spotted me and they broke off.
    I was just walking my dog and didn't have a rifle as it's not part of my permission but when I told the farmer that changed . Seems he had seen a fox after sheep before that.


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    you will see them using the same tactics in spring to pick off the young lambs. Usually they use stealth at that time of year but if they get desperate they will rush in and try to disturb the flock.

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    i have never seen this on fully grown sheep but about 3 years ago i shoot a vixen in a tiny padock (50yrd sq) which the farmer was using as a nussery feild. when we put the lamp on her she was about 10yrds from the new born lamb streched out low to the floor stalking along and the ewe had no idea she was there until i shot here when she threw a wobbley at the dead fox

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    Being crepuscular, (those of you doing your level one pay attention), I have the pleasure of observing many antics of fox, the latest was a very very entertaining demonstration of charlie doing what he thought was the fox version of sniper at your feet exercise , the intended victim a goodly sized hare pretended to not notice & has worked with us many times before! 8) both hare & trigger operator let this go on for about 10 minutes, then the well worn phrase "smile & wait for the flash " was uttered, endex.

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    I don't do any foxing but a friend who does reported seeing 4 foxes working together to seperate lambs from a flock of sheep.

    We tend to think of a fox as a solitary animal but i guess when it comes down to it then it is really a pack animal like all dogs. Maybe if we didn't shoot them then they would eventually settle down into a more "pack" like lifestyle and we'd see more examples of foxes working together?

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    Thanks for your replies guys i have shot foxes for years but have never whitnessed this sort of behavior before.
    Who would have thought that such a small predator would take on such a large prey item and to bite calf legs as well, no wonder the fox is so despised by many a livestock farmer.

    Many regards

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    "Turnstone" has written what I feel is a very disappointing article on page 59 of the Shooting Times" of 16th December in which he questions "the expansion of the so-called sport of "foxing",an activity that is now...out of control".

    Anyone else read it?.


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