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Thread: third Doe of the season..........

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    third Doe of the season..........

    went out with a mate in the morning,it was absolutely bitter cold,and,we saw bugger all all morning until we were on our way back to the truck walking up beside a fenced plantation that has scrubby growth just a bit shorter than your average Roe,and I bumped 3 Roe 2 x Does and a Buck,all youngsters.They just wouldn't stay still for me to get a shot off,and,when they got to the top they took a left and headed for the horizon..........not to be seen again.I had to get off to take my old mum out shopping so we went back and I dropped my mate off at his house.Well,a bit later I was sat in the car park at Sainsbury's when the mobile went,it was my mate,he had a bit of a giggle in his voice,and he told me that he had gone back out almost straight away after I dropped him off,and he had just shot 4 Roe,3 x Does that were led down in a field until the hunt ran through the field above and made them stand up.......3 sitting targets(well standing).Just as the last shot rang out,a Roe bounced over the fence from the next field only to get snagged on the top barbed wire so he shot it,but,unfortunately it turned out to be a young Buck.I passed on my congrats and said that if I get back in time to get out local to me then I would have a quick look out,well,I did get out but it was only for about 1 hour,and,as the daylight had started to wane I was just going to have a little wander when a young Doe(above)slipped quietly out of a hedgeline just in time to meet up with my 100 grainer,so,I was straight on the phone to him to slightly even up the score.But,the very next day he rang me to tell me he had had another 6 x Roe,and,believe ot or not that will be 24 since the start of the season for him,I am on 3 so a bit to


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    Sounds like your mate was having a laugh at you!! He`s certainly got a freezer full. Keep at `em mate.

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    Well done Martin,still got plenty of time to get some more in,good luck

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    Nice one Martin bet you were not at all green with envy sitting Sainsburys car park while your mate was out there

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