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Thread: minox binoculars

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    minox binoculars

    Hi does any one know if minox binos are any good?
    Any repplys appreciated

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    Best to do a search on this.
    The bottom line is...great value for money.
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    Superb kit. Way better than the price would have you believe. Schott glass, and "Made in Germany". Getting close to Swaro, Leica & Zeiss. Not quite there, but then neither is the price!

    I've heard a very strong rumour of RF versions coming out sometime soon, so they will be cracking value
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    Yes they are very low cost

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    Very happy with mine. They are the top end ones and I can't tell the difference between them and swaro. Plus I paid for a years syndicate with the change.

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    Where about did you get yours from woodmaster?

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    Very good, I looked through a friends and was that impressed I bought my own pair.

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    Can't remember but I'll look the receipt out for you.

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    Ive got a set of the hg's and there great binos! Great glass a value for money. Mines are only getting retired as I'm hopefully getting Swaro rangfinders

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    Cool,thinking of getting them for my first pair as they are not bad priced

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