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Thread: Best products for bore and barrel/action???

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    Best products for bore and barrel/action???

    Curious what you guys use on the bore and barrel's after use before storing. So much available and some been around for years.
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    It very much depends on what you are shooting and what material your barrel is made from. I.e if its blued steel then you really don't want to leave anything too caustic down it for any length of time where as a stainless barrel will be fine. Likewise, there is little point leaving gun oil in a stainless barrel but its a very good idea in a black barrel! Equally I spoke to a well known dealer who stated he NEVER cleaned his rifle as he didn't want to affect the zero! It also depends on your personal views on cleaning - I prefer to shoot a reasonably clean barrel as I believe it maintains its consistency better but others will only clean once a year / never (particularly with .22LR).

    For what its worth, I probably shoot more rounds than most on here as I mainly shoot target rifle so usually shoot in the region of 1500 rounds each of .308 and .22LR a year. And as I mentioned above I clean a lot (generally every 50-100 rounds, so have used a LOT of different products (Sweets, Wipe Out (liquid not the foam), Hoppes of various sorts, Youngs, NitroExpress etc) and they all seem to do a reasonable job getting powder residue out. Copper is a different matter and I've found that Sweets (the old ammonia stuff), Wipe Out and Hoppes Elite seem to work best for me.

    Hope this helps..

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