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Thread: God it's cold out there...

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    God it's cold out there...

    I've just been for a little walk around this morning at 1st light, checking where the deer are before a mate comes over later in the week, and it was -8 Celsius out there Good job I had my Jahti fleece PJs on under my kit

    I had the truck in 4x4 all the way round the lanes because it pee'd down last night and then the temperature dropped like a stone, so all of the unsalted roads are like ice rinks now. I even had to drop into low ratio to get up one bank... If it gets any colder (and it's supposed to stay like this all week now) I'll have to put the chiller back on to warm the deer carcasses up before I butcher them today

    The thermometer outside my back door is showing -5 even now.


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    At least the air is germ free......................

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    Great isn't it?

    So much better than bloody 9 Deg and pissing rain.

    Took a nice fat Sika doe last night, drove home in the snow.

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    Its -10c here at the moment. drove into town yesterday at 11.00 at it was -14c
    I was going hunt the dog on roe today but its to cold and the teckles feet would take a week to heal.

    What you need to get around in this fine cold weather is a few studs in your tyres. We have to have winter tyres fitted by the 1st December.
    winter tyres without studs work Ok on snow but when theres ice you can't beat the studed tyres.

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    adam you not turning in to a wimp are you i was out this morning in my shorts and vest brrr lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAULT
    adam you not turning in to a wimp are you i was out this morning in my shorts and vest brrr lol

    Jesus, there's an image to conjure with!

    Were you and Mumbles getting ready to streak across the pitch at the Millenium Stadium again

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    going to watch the 6 nations thats it then to expensive i cant put up with all them young women rubbing up against me im to old for all that and i want a new toy hehe

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