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Thread: First centrefire (Remington 700 L/H bolt 308win)

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    First centrefire (Remington 700 L/H bolt 308win)

    Hi all,

    just collected my first deer-legal rifle. It is old, a bit battered and tatty, and I'm sure the scope is crap, BUT, it is a left hand bolt model, and it was up for sale for a price I could afford.

    I paid 325, which included the scope, mounts, bipod and the fact that it was already screwcut - TBH as a lefty I would have paid as much if not more for the rifle alone, so I am absurdly pleased with it at the moment!

    Next priority is to find a zero before my first potential outing with it in the middle of next month.


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    looks good, it will be interesting to see how you get on with it.

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    Congrats, It may be old and seen some miles, but its your first, so that makes it special. Good luck on your upcoming hunt.


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    You have chosen a great platform to start with. There are so many good aftermarket parts, the rifle can grow with you. I still have my first rem 700 but it bears no resemblance to how it first looked

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    Cheers, I'm really looking forward to finding out how she shoots (better than me I should think).

    One step closer to a fuller freezer...

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    Hi steerpike.
    You have done well there. The Action is worth 250 on its own for a Custom Build. I am a Leftie too. Do not let the fact that it is an older Remmy put you off as they were much better quality back then. Give it a good clean and put some decent quality Ammo through it and keep us posted as to how you get on.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorkie View Post
    Hi steerpike.You have done well there. The Action is worth 250 on its own for a Custom Build. Yorkie.
    Yes, I thought that, even if everything else is knackered, the value of the action and the bipod is more than the dealer wanted for the whole rig.But yes, I feel like I've bought into a well supported franchise, especially as my inlaws are in the States, so if I ever want a new stock, new mounts or anything else not actually lethal it should be fairly easy for me to get hold of them. That said, I've got no reason to think there is anything that actually needs changing - so far as I can tell the bases are standard weaver type, and the rings seem fairly solid. I'm pretty sure that the scope is something cheap and nasty from the far east, but for the time being if it holds a zero then it will stay on the rifle.

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