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Thread: terminal effects

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    terminal effects

    Anyone care to help log actual effects of particular brands weights of bullets on different quarry , For example; Nosler Partition 130gn .270, Roe deer, bullet not recovered, no exit, drt, range 100yds, good carcase/ minimal damage, shoulder shot., Red hind calf etc, etc.? or is this covered elsewhere?

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    That would make a great Sticky provided -and this is the possible disaster in the making- people don't start using it as an opinion forum, adding comments either good or bad about a given entry. If it was strictly a data collection center it would allow folks to look at the entries and draw their own conclusions. If it could be done in a spread sheet form, kind of a "fill in the blanks" it would be great. Good idea, FB.~Muir

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    I'll start:

    .223 Hornady 55gn SP - Roe deer falls over dead but only in Scotland. Neat, accurate and all together fabulous.

    Note: The terminal effect of .277 rounds changes massively depending on speed - I think some of its reputation stems from overly hot factory ammo, whereas it's a joy when downloaded slightly, as well being an inherently accurate round.

    .270 Hornady 130gn SP Interlock - All deer fall over dead with a nice neat wound channel and smallish exit. Can be messy if they clip the shoulder. Not pretty if used to head shoot Roe at 40 yards (photos on request ). Fantastically accurate at every distance I've dared so far.

    .270 Sierra Pro Hunter 130gn SP - much the same as above, if a bit fussier to load and slightly less accurate

    .270 Sako 156gn Powerhead - Sika deer falls down really, really dead. Just ploughs on through flesh, bone etc - expands into a nice mushroom but nukes the shoulder if you're a bit far forward. Good Sika round.

    .270 Hornady V-Max 110gn - Roe deer fall over dead, hunter picks up bits of rib and lung 25' from exit hole. I hate BTs - accurate but so flipping messy and the body cavity looks like it's been shotgunned from the inside.

    .270 Nosler BT - When loaded slow they do less damage than the 110gn V-Max but still messier than a decent SP

    .270 Remington 100gn Interlokt SP - Sweet Mother of GOD! I've only used these on foxes but the fact that they tend to turn their innards to soup and blow most of the skin off speaks volumes about their terminal effect!

    .270 PPU 150gn SP - no deer fall over at all, because the bullet is pants and would struggle to hit the right county... Unlikely to have any terminal effect unless the deer shoots itself.

    .270 Sierra 90gn Hollow Points - I haven't loaded these yet but over RL17 I have high hopes that these might be even more dramatic on foxes than the 100gn bullets


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    To work it would be better to have recovered rounds.

    Here is one:- 130gn Hornady SST, in 270, muzzle velocity 3,000 fps (Checked on Chron’y). 100lb red hind shot on front shoulder at a range of 220 yards. Bullet mushroomed perfectly and found just under the skin on opposite shoulder.



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    I only achieve this when shooting in Africa.

    Hunting, not stalking.. Kill, kill, kill.... AKA bullet stays in the animal.

    Bullet cuts the arteries at the top of the heart AND takes out the lungs.

    Now, when I screw up I find the lack of an exit wound................

    What it has taught me is to look for a brown mark, on a brown surface, a bit brownish, THAT I THINK should not be there.....

    Now we start to move into the realm of tracking.....

    Can't do spoor in the imprint sense yet.

    Teaches me not no walk after a wounded animal on a hot day.

    I shoot differently when I STALK than when I hunt. In the UK I find an exit wound acceptable, when I HUNT I find the "exit" a waste of energy, animal hit should be an animal down.

    Good Practice seems to drive my activity here. A pickup full of carcass going to a butcher elsewhere seems "normal' .



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    Say what?
    Stalking and Hunting differ how? And why would you want two different levels of performance?

    I can see the desire to have all the energy stay in the target but I don't care at all if the bullet exits after doing lethal, debilitating tissue damage.~Muir

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    Muir you were correct in your assumptions, Steve.

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    Hi Stan

    Not quite sure what the point is you are trying to make in that post mate.

    I posted it as a practical demonstration of how a particular bullet performed. Like you I prefer an exit wound as it makes it easier to judge where the bullet struck, therefore leading to a more accurate decision as to how to follow up if the animal is a “runner”.

    I didn’t dig the bullet out but found it when skinning the animal for my own consumption. I would say that an important point to take away is that despite the bullet being a ballistic tip it stayed in one piece and did not brake up, I normally would expect this bullet to exit.

    As for following up I use one of these.



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    I would caption the dogs look something like "Can we go again ,Dad, Can we!?)

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    More likely, `well I`ve found it so you can carry it but give me a chunk of the liver first`.


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