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Thread: deer farm - moffat

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    deer farm - moffat

    A friend of mine was stalking at Woburn last week and met a gent from mMoffat who was there to purchase deer to stock his new venture.

    I appreciate that Moffat represents the western most edge of the border sika population.

    My question is this. Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether the scent from a farm full of red hinds will pull more sika westward come the rut and (in the no doubt unlikely) event of reds escaping, whether they'll be a role reversal to the usual situation with the reds shot on sight to protect the purity of the border sika blood?!?


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    Interesting thought. Moffat really is well on the fringes of the sika. From what I've heard they are just about at Biggar. I doubt anyone would consider a shoot on sight approach if reds were to escape purely on the basis of contaminating the gene pool of the sika, since it is the sika which is the foreign invader rather than the red's. Sure jamross and a few others will have some intereting thoughts on this. My veiw is that it would be great to have a few reds to stalk without heading north of the boarders.

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    I'm aware of at least 1 sika stag shot in the Moffat area in 2013, although to be fair that was the first the stalker had seen on that piece of ground.

    The usp for the borders sika seems to be that they are genuine japs without any other blood in them. It'd be a shame of they did become a bit mongrel like a lot of other populations.


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    I agree novice, it would be a shame for them to be infiltrated by reds (or vice verse) as you say originating from Dawyck they have remained fairly isolated. However I think more concern is given to the sika making it west of the m74 and into Dumfries Red population.

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    I had many years experience of the Co.Wicklow, Eire, Jap Sika .
    The hybridisation there comes in the opposite direction, it is a horny Sika stag upon a Red hind.
    Putting a large mature Red stag on to the smaller Sika hind is akin to putting a great Dane upon a Jack Russel, possible nevertheless but difficult.


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    I've no doubt the farm owner is at risk of a shock come the autumn when he checks his stock one morning to find a sika stag has bashed his way through to them. I'd imagine a fired up sika could get through if he wanted to!


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    Sika's much tastier than red anyway, I say let them hybridise!

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    Sika have been at Moffat for at least the last 10 years the only thing stopping them going any further west is the M74

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikadog View Post
    Sika have been at Moffat for at least the last 10 years the only thing stopping them going any further west is the M74
    Are you sure it has stopped them?

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    I dont think the 74 had stopped them just slowed them down and I've seen a good number of sika at Moffat and a mate of mine has shot a fair few of them around Moffat!

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