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Thread: Moving guns

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    Moving guns

    Can anyone tell me the proceedure for moving guns to a new address?

    Will I need to buy a new cabinet, fit it in the new house and get it checked before I can move the guns or just move my existing cabinet?



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    Phone the FLO and explain the situation. There should be no problems moving the cabinet and fitting it prior to doing the paperwork, but as we all know, FLO's act differently.

    If it was me, I would move house, fit the cabinet ensuring they will not complain, then fill out the paperwork and phone the FLO.

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    just re-fix you existing cabinet in the new house and notify Fire arms that you have moved north York's don't visit new address but some do they leave it till renewal

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    Just done this last week. I phoned them about what to do and they said just fit the new cabinet to a solid wall and send them a letter notifying the address.
    So On the last day of moving I put the guns and cabinet (separate...) in the car. As soon as I got to the house I dyna-bolted the old cabinet in (wow those were some hard bricks) and that was it. Took about 2 hours from unbolt to guns in. They didn't even want to have a look. I guess they're not all the same though

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    some people will tell there wife's anything to get out of unpacking

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    We moved house 6 years ago and like any other forum member my first priority was to get the cabinet into its pre sellected new home. Out comes the extra long drill bit and I set off to work. My wife who was the other side of the chosen wall in the study was amazed when the first two holes appeared as she sat at the desk and I couldnt hear the shouting due to the noise of the drill. First day in her new cottage and I was breaking it.

    From that day I vowed I would not be so overzealous on DIY projects and still have loads of stuff to do now. Giving me grief over the two holes had the net result of increasing my avoidance behavior. Women DO think men cannot prioritise BUT WE KNOW BETTER. Happy Xmas to all.

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    When I moved my guns for the first time my wife couldn't really understand why a great chunk of car space was taken up with gun cabinet complete with guns plus a substantial number of fishing rods and gear and why I couldn't just put these on the removal van!

    She knows better now.

    Incidentally a friend of mine came up with a great place for his cabinet. He had a brick built chimney that went up through the loft space so he bolted his cabinet to the chimney and of course you had to go up into the loft to even have a chance of seeing it.

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    Just had the same situation and also did it last year. Basically move your cabinet and refix and then tell local firearms dept of the move.

    I sent in P/C of certificates. Last year they came out and checked out new accomadation and cabinet and checked serial no's on weapons (Avon and Somerset).

    This time I have asked for a variation and a 1:1 swop so have been sent reams of paperwork to fill in also my long standing FEO has just retired so expecting it to be a difficult process with a new civilian FEO.

    Avon and Somerset are renown for their delays and stubborness and general dislike of any persons wishing to hold any sort of firearm. Commensense certainly does not excist in their vocabulary.


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    Personally, I lodge my guns with a RFD a few days before moving, and then use the move as excuse to buy a bigger cabinet.
    There's enough to do on moving day without worrying about guns and cabinets

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    Re: Moving guns

    Quote Originally Posted by Si
    Can anyone tell me the proceedure for moving guns to a new address?

    Will I need to buy a new cabinet, fit it in the new house and get it checked before I can move the guns or just move my existing cabinet?


    Hi Simon,

    the presumption is that you are moving within the same FC issuing police area. The normal procedure is to notify the police area who issued the FC that you have moved, your certificate will give you the time frame in which to do so, but a courtesy letter before you move would be beneficial to you and the police as your turmoil in moving may cause a slip of mind. Most times provided that all was ok with your previous place of residence they will not come out to inspect but, if you relocate to another police area then you may well get inspected by the new FLO.



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