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Thread: Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures DVDs (2005)

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    Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures DVDs (2005)

    Hello everyone.

    Following my initial successful foray into DVD swapping, I thought I'd offer these up for barter. I have a set of two DVDs of Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures, from the 2005 TV series. There are about a dozen episodes featurings hunts for Moose, whitetail deer, elk, Spanish ibex (takes place somewhere he keeps referring to as "Old Spain", as opposed to the new one). The cover artwork for the box is missing, but that doesn't really matter.

    Anyone interested?

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    Come on people, these aren't that bad and I've actually turned down offers of money to uphold the whole swapping concept.

    "They're free, Spartacus, free!" (apologies to Stanley Kubrik's estate for misappropriating that line).

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    Right, no-one wanted to swap so I accepted an offer of cold, hard cash instead. So much for my attempt at creating a non-monetary trading platform....

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