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Thread: Fiocchi brass

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    Fiocchi brass


    Any one had any experience with reloading Fiocchi brass, head stamp label GFL. About to purchase a .222rem rifle and offered factory load 50g Vmax 13.60 / 20 to start, so reasonably priced and gives me some brass to reload.

    I have it in .243 but have not reloaded any yet either ?

    Any view good or bad?


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    The only Fiocchi cases that I have ever reloaded was pistol brass, good cases no problems.

    I did notice that Brewsher posted a picture on the 19th of various cases made by Norma and headstamped for other companies including Fiocchi.

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    I'd go with 8x57. I used to reload Fiocchi brass in pistol calibres and know of an establishment that still does. It is no better nor worse than anybody else's brass and in some respects split less at the neck than did the last of the Kynoch by Norma brass in .455. I'd certaily rate is as probably BETTER than some bulk USA brass brands.

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    Same as 8X57 and enfieldspares, I've only used it in my 455 Webley , I've never had any problems with it, its decent brass


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