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Thread: .223 howa package any good?

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    .223 howa package any good?

    I'm waiting on my licence but wanted to get ready for what rifle I was going to get. I was looking at the howa package and after looking at some reviews they seem very value for money. Just wwondering if anyone had any other thoughts or experiences with them?

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    I have one for sale the classifieds.

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    Look very carefully at any package deals, they are often not as good as they seem. Scopes, mounts and moderators are not always the best when included in package deals. Consider each item of the package carefully and do your homework.

    P.S. I am not referring to the post above but to other "Deals" that you will see advertised every month in some shooting magazines.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I bought my Steyr-Mannlicher as part of a combo deal from the Sportsman's Gun Centre. Included in the package was a Zeiss Duralyt and Warne mounts. The mounts aren't elegant, but they are very robust, and the scope is great. The cost saving in real terms was equivalent to something like 50 or 60% off the price of the scope. Now that said, I could have bought a much cheaper outfit if I hadn't been so picky. At the time, I had to pay a surcharge on the combo deal to upgrade to a Zeiss scope, but it was well worth it.

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    you might need to be a bit more specific

    package deals seem good value on the face of it and as a starting point can be a one stop shop to getting out there shooting rather than spec hunting

    what are you after? what kind of shooting do you plan on doing?
    you can get a lot more for your money second hand and match your needs rather than what the retailer has a lot of to shift!

    I.e. do you really need a huge mag scope of 10-25x56?

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    I recently went for a Howa package in 308. I was nearly going down the 2nd hand route but I changed my mind at the last minute.

    I wanted something inexpensive & light for stalking purposes. Yes if I had bought all the components separately they would have cost me say another 2-300 but then again did I need another guncase & bi-pod? No not really. Was a Nikko Sterling a scope that I would run out to buy? No not really.

    Would I recommend the Howa? Yes go for it. IMO, the package was value for money & mine will definitely take deer when the opportunity finally arises. I'm sure the 223 would be just as good.


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    Bought a new howa last week and i really love the rifle, fits nice with nice trigger, looked at the kits available and decided against it. the standard gun comes with the gun case, weaver rail and thread protector free of charge. Decided that for the extra it was going to cost i could pick up some decent second hand glass and i didnt fancy the mag conversion do to hearing a few bad reviews on the clip catching and mag falling out, and other than that i cant leave the floor plate in the house when i go out

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    Most foxes are within 80-250yard range. I don't have a huge amount to spend to start with . But want something to get going with and add to. I'm an absolute novice at all the different scopes,.mods etc. Hence why I'm asking. All I've ever done is learned how to shoot a rifle in cadets and Sparsholt college and been taken out with friends. So I'm after something I can get the feel with to learn how I want to shoot. If that helps with ur advice.

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    My question should have been what would be a good starting set up ? Obviously personal preference but as a new be until I find what I like , for foxes in the hills of mid Wales.

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    I have 223 Howa bought from new, It's everything you need for the fox, tread any extras as OK for a starter and add better as and when your ready.


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