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Thread: seasons for roe in germany

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    seasons for roe in germany

    i go to germany once or twice a year to shoot boar, i see lots of roe, but not really interested the roe as i get plenty here, but i am interested to know what the seasons are for roe, can any body help with this ? anthony

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    roe season in germany


    The roe seasons in Germany, according to my Jagdshein, which incidentally should be on yours as you shhot boar over there are;

    Bucks 1st May - 15th October
    Does 1st September- 31st January
    Schmalrehe 1st May - 31st Januay
    Kitze 1st September - 28th February

    Unlike us you will notice that they have seasons for kids irrespective of sex. As far as smalroe are concerned, the interpretation my German friend says is that they are usually yearling does.

    I also gather, from my German friend, that depending on which country/district in Germany the seasons for some game species may alter

    Hope this helps

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