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Thread: Take this man out of HMP to be an MP

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    Take this man out of HMP to be an MP

    Article by Kelvin Mackenzie..

    One of my great heroes - right up there with Nelson Mandela - is Tony Martin, the Norfolk farmer who very neatly shot a couple of burglars right in the back. It cheered me up no end.

    I was outraged at the severity of his five year sentence but was delighted that he couldnt get parole as he showed no remorse.

    Well done Mr Martin.

    Finally that idiot Blunkett released him and i was hopefull that Mr Martin would stand for parliament, as the locals would have voted him in with a thumping majority.

    That never happened. But now i have a new God.

    He is Munir Hussain,52 a businessman from High Wycombe..

    You probably know his story. A knife wielding burglar breaks into his home. He and his family are tied up by this career minded criminal, who has brought along a couple of masked mates with him.

    Mr Hussain escapes and along with his brother captures the criminal and beats him with a cricket bat and metal pole.. Excellent

    Instead of recieving a knighthood the judge gives Hussain two and a half years while astonishingly the criminal is not even in prison..

    This is what Judge John Reddihough said.
    "If persons were permitted to take the law into their own hands and inflict their own instant and violent punishment on an aprehended offender rather than letting the justice system take its course, then the rule of law, which are hallmarks of a civilised society, would collapse..

    What sivilised society? Where does this judge live?Does he go into areas of our society where much of this legal framework does not exist.. I suspect not.

    What the Judge doesnt understand is that ordinary people do not believe they have justice when they go to court..

    It is the Mr Hussains of this world who recieve the biggest cheer.

    I look forward to Mr Hussain being released very quickly from this injustice, then he can stand for the commons, preferably against some of the genuine thieves who are currently our MPs..

    I enjoyed reading it


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    Re: Take this man out of HMP to be an MP

    Quote Originally Posted by pheasant sniper 1
    Article by Kelvin Mackenzie..

    ........while astonishingly the criminal is not even in prison..
    Not suprising as they whacked him so hard he's ended up with brain damage!

    Still no reason to jail Hussain and his brother though.

    "The judge said it was his "public duty" to imprison them."

    Is he in the real world?

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    I think the problem was due to him chasing down the burglar, then knocking him for 6.

    The judge however, is an arse as to let the criminal system take its course would see the burglar commit around 50 offences prior to getting 20 hrs community service. Unfortunately, these people that the community and law abiding citizens rely upon continually let us all down by dishing out extremely leniant sentences to constant offenders.

    Do you also notice how they severely punish someone that has a single transgression (like Mr Martin) due to the police not being able to do their jobs properly.

    Off soapbox

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    Lily livered & limp wristed tw*ts like that judge are responsible for more crime than we will know

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    I remember when the Martin case was heard we all read the judgement, it actually makes some very interesting points in the reasoning.
    The judge was a very smart guy, as I recall he stated "it was a very dark day for burglars" as it re-inforced the right to shoot an intruder, but only if he is still actively pursuing the venture, if he is buggering off down the road you can't shoot him.... unless he is carrying your property!!
    You do actually have the right to protect your property, they do not like to advertise this but it is a fact.
    But again there are limits

    Not sure wether it was in the UK do a search and check out the case where some chav was running out of a guys house with his tv? I think it was a TV the guy was an archer, shot the guy through the window with a long bow and pinned him to a car door !!
    Kin mint we were howling when we saw this one

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    Good News! At least someone saw sense at last.
    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    I think the judge was a top man, as i recall from the local tv coverage the judge sentenced him to 2.5 years because that is the amount of time he had already served in remand. The sprightly fellow walked from court and gave a tv interview with his brother. To think he spent any time inside at all grieves me. Brain damage? i think he had brain damage before he broke into the "victims" home. The burglar assumed the risk when he entered a private residence that he may be injured, he wasn't bothered about injuring or psychologically destroying his victims so tough luck i say. Nice one Mr.Hussain.

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    When i was a lad there were two judges famous for throwing out of court prosecutions of the general public for defending themselves. Judges Pickles and Argyle. Infamous with the CPS and police, because they stood up for the public right to defend yourself. Where are their like today? Sadly missed, as is Tom Denning.

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Would that be judge Pickles from Halifax West Yorkshire?


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    Quote Originally Posted by griff View Post
    Would that be judge Pickles from Halifax West Yorkshire?

    Griff, it would!
    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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