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Thread: wanted... lamp man

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    wanted... lamp man

    hello there, a lamp man needed in the borders, a good reliable bloke, not going to mess me about, experience in lamping would be handy... or a young lad willing to learn....

    cheers charlie

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    not close enough, good luck atb, doug.

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    Hi Charlie,
    I'm up near Dalkeith if that's any good. How often are you talking about.


    plenty lamping experience

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    any one? cant seem to get any one.....

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    move this way feller i'll be your dog lol cracking for someone .

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    Where about are you lamping? and how often?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spanielmad View Post
    Where about are you lamping? and how often?
    jed area, and depends, once a week/ fortnight, depending

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    Good luck finding someone mate. I wish someone down this way would offer experience like this...

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    cant believe no ones took you up on this, come on guys must be someone close enough,put away those paint brushes and rollers.atb doug.

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    PM sent.

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