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Thread: Remington trigger grub screws

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    Remington trigger grub screws

    Just wondering if anyone has had similar problems with the x-mark trigger on the R700s? I scraped out the locking compound from the grub screws and found that none of my allen keys fit. Think theyre meant to be 11/32 or something but its like the screws have been rounded off.. Although its not a new rifle, it doesnt look like its been touched in that department..

    I tried applying a little heat to the screw (soldering iron for a few seconds) to ensure that the locking compound was released but still couldnt find a key which fits.

    So, what do i do now? And buy an aftermarket trigger is off the table at the mo.

    Anyone got an old remmy trigger going spare??

    Or can i buy replacement screws? If so, how do i get the old ones out?

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    Stumbled across this on youtube, hope it helps;

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    Regarding the first video. I just can't believe that someone would post a video of themselves on you tube that is so bad. The guy doesn't mention making sure the rifle is safe or even remove the bolt until more than half way through the video. He also doesn't value his kit judging by the way he has balanced his scope on the bench and has loose rounds hanging around on the bench. He sets a great example this guy. Plonker, and a dangerous one at that.
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    sounds like you need some new imperial allan keys rather than a new set of grub screws

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    sounds like you need some new imperial allan keys rather than a new set of grub screws
    Yeah thats what i thought too in fairness, so went and go another set, but had no luck with them either. I wondered initially if it was some special size for anti-tamper reasons or whether someone has had a go previously. When closely inspecting the inside of the grub screw with magnifying glass, you cant see defined corners to the allen head, whether theyre still full of gunk which happens to be similar colour to the metal or not im not sure. Gonna have someone else have a look later this week and will report back.

    Thanks Trackerman for the vids, the bloke in the top vid is err interesting! You can see hes struggling with the multi tasking of talking and hammering! lol.

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    Spare 700 trigger available, fitted with unbeatable trigger if interested
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