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Thread: shotguns

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    Benelli m2 anyone got one...what they like. I have a Winchester select light, I'm thinking of parting with to get a m2. Not doing much clay shooting, and I cringe every time I have to take the Winchester pigeon shooting, I have to climb a few fences with barn wire on top, always worried about the wood and the Winchester.
    Should I just keep her or trade for a m2
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    I love my M2. Still can't hit anything with it though. I'm a rifle man at heart...

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    Had an M2 for five years now.Never failed to cycle anything.Dead easy to strip and clean,tough as old boots.
    you cant go wrong.

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    Got an M2 on fac in 20g, and an M3 in 12g. Both very good shotguns. If beretta did a 20g multishot (that is more than 4 shots) I would've had it as I love them.

    The Benelli is every bit as good though once you find shells it likes (not really a prob with the berettas). Now I own one I can see what the hype was all about. Great handling and very fast recycle times. Have repeatedly dropped4+ pigeons in a flock with it.

    The M3 is just an awesome tool/toy. 10 minute job to drop off std stock to pistol grip for PSG.

    I am a benelli convert.
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    So should I ditch the o/u for a do it all semi??
    "Seek the wisdom of ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child"

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    I own a beretta extreama 2 semi auto which is built like a tank and a 100% relieable and can be converted to 10 or12 shot if wanted. A great investment for clay hide or wild fowling.only down side is its a big gun to snap shoot woodcock etc with. Like Paddy i cant shoot for **** since i bought my 700 PSS but a great gun nether the less.Hugh.

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    I use an M2 at work in spring, brilliant gun you won't go wrong as said before easy to clean, handles well and cycles flawlessly plus you don't mind it getting a bit dented in the truck.

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    Cheers for replies
    "Seek the wisdom of ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child"

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    I sold my O/U for another auto, A400 Xtreme this time. I've also got an AL391 in 20 bore. The O/U just wasn't getting used enough. Autos suit my needs better and I've got a SxS for game shooting when I need it. I don't miss the O/U at all. If you want an M2, go for it fella.

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    My mate had the m2 I've used it a few times , it was a nice gun to shoot and cycled effortlessly I just prefer sxs but if I wanted an auto that's the one I'd get
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